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    Definitely a hard list to compile, but I definitely feel like In the Mood for Love, City Of God, Oldboy, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Pans Labyrinth and Amores Perros need to be mentioned!

    10 of the Best Foreign Films... Of the Last 15 Years

    Definitely great to see some love for Coppola – I love most of her films, but good to see some constructive dissection of Marie Antoinette. It’s a criminally underrated film.

    The Films of Sofia Coppola: Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

    I agree with your argument for foreign films, however I can’t get on board with your brief paragraph about the IMDB Top 250. The Academy Awards are supposed to be decided by a discerning industry professional (thats the idea anyway) rather than teenagers on their mothers computer (basically what the IMDB 250 is). Some terrible films have very high scores on IMDB, it’s probably the worst site to use for film ‘reviews’.

    The Problem(s) with the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film

    I completely understand the general loathing that seems to be going around for this film, but I loved it, much more even than Drive (I haven’t seen Refn’s earlier work). I found the unusual choices of color palette created an intriguing and effective aesthetic, and never found the narrative to drift into the ‘boring’ or ‘unnecessary’ category. I also found the violence authentic and appropriate for the film. What’s more, I loved the conclusion – it’s very hard to stick the landing for a film, but this one was great.

    Only God Forgives Review: The Most Sensual Punch in the Face You'll Ever Get!

    Man of Steel was simply the worst movie I have seen in years. By the time the General Zod fight came around, my mind was elsewhere.

    Best Blockbuster Movie Moments of 2013 (so far)

    Bit harsh! Sure it takes liberties, but it’s not all made up.

    Genres of Historical Fiction: Beyond Corsets, Swords and Sandals

    I loved Origin. Definitely my favourite comic I have ever read (though I have to say my experience is limited). And I definitely agree with the person above who mentioned an R-Rated Logan.

    5 Wolverine Stories to Prepare for the New Film

    I think the whole concept of ‘snubs’ is daft. Opinions are subjective, and to say your opinion is more right than other is pretty unfair. As even the nominations are voted on, its unreasonable to say that something was more deserving. This isn’t a slight at the author as I understand this is a common topic and there a literally hundreds of articles like this, more a statement about the industry as a whole.

    I also thought it was ironic that in an article about series being ignored, House of Cards was declared Netflix’s first program, ‘snubbing’ Lilyhammer.

    Most Notable Snubs for the 2013 Emmy Awards