Nicola Kahler

Nicola Kahler

I study the entertainment industries, drawn mainly to film and TV. I love psychological thrillers and unsettling themes. That being said... give me a good chick flick any day

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    Nicola Kahler

    Ooo I haven’t seen that film, must get on to it!!

    I’ve actually thought about this before- but I can’t think of any titles. I guess it’s because in noir film the identity crisis tends to be a defining factor of the MALE protagonist, so neo noir tends to reflect this. But as this new genre plays around with noir conventions, you’d think someone would have explored the concept?

    Amnesia in Contemporary Film: The Neo-Noir Identity Crisis
    Nicola Kahler

    I read the stories after watching the Movies and various TV shows and I didn’t find them as exciting as I thought they’d be!! As much as I hate to say it, I definitely think the movies/TV shows are better than the books.

    Is Sherlock Holmes Still Readable?
    Nicola Kahler

    That’s so true! I also feel that the show incorporates so many twists and turns that it often feels inconsistent with past events. That being said, I haven’t found anything to support the lack of continuity so maybe it’s just really clever writing?

    I also don’t think the ending is going to be satisfactory. It’ll be a miracle if it is- with all the hype its made about the mystery

    The Transmedia Universe of Pretty Little Liars
    Nicola Kahler

    I know ! They seem to have dropped significant aspects of the storyline by losing those characters as wellโ€ฆ I’d definitely like to see wren again !

    The Transmedia Universe of Pretty Little Liars
    Nicola Kahler

    Definitely! This is only just the start of commercial transmedia storytelling so it’s incredible to think what kinds of experiences the next generation will get from television!

    The Transmedia Universe of Pretty Little Liars
    Nicola Kahler

    Great article ! I llooovvveeeeee Episodes, it is such an underrated show !

    Is Episodes TV's Best Sitcom?
    Nicola Kahler

    Oh god I loved Friends so damn much, it doesn’t matter how many hundreds of times I’ve seen each episode, the characters always make me laugh (especially Chandler and Ross)!! Great article, you have a really nice writers voice ๐Ÿ™‚

    7 Reasons Why We'll Always Love Friends
    Nicola Kahler

    I agree with most of this list, especially the cancellation of Happy Endings.. absolute heartbreak ๐Ÿ™ The Following though? I personally loved the show, it was one of the few dramas of 2013 that kept me on edge throughout the whole season.

    5 of the Biggest TV Letdowns of 2013