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    Undertale vs. Mass Effect

    Both games incorporate a triple-tiered karma mechanic. What is effective about the approach taken by Undertale, the up-and-coming indie game, and what is effective about the approach taken by Mass Effect, the mega-million dollar franchise? Dozens of other games have written this feature in the past. What prospects does the karma meter have in the future of adventure gaming?

    • Mass Effect is one of the best RPG games there is and i dont know if any game can compare to it – aasteriou 9 years ago
    • Definitely an interesting topic to think about. Though, the similarities between the karma meters are very slim, especially in the way they're incorporated into the gameplay. – rhainley 9 years ago

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    Woops, that’s all true.

    Why is Disney Overemphasizing Frozen?

    Disney Studio had NEVER won an academy award before Frozen. Surprising, isn’t it? This is not counting Pixar’s nominations.
    In the past, only Beauty and the Beast had been nominated for an Oscar, and Fantasia had been nominated for a Grammy.
    Frozen marks the first time the central Disney animation studio had won one of the awards. Disney is proud. Its violent marketing is simple to explain as that.

    Why is Disney Overemphasizing Frozen?

    The anime’s message as a whole is left to the viewer’s interpretation, I can agree with that. However, episodes 25 and 26, which the studio released quickly to finish the series on short notice, is some of the most straightforward Japanese animation you will ever watch. Every word in those two episodes literally spells out the intent of the theological and transhumanist themes within the series.
    Without necessarily following the logic presented in those two episodes, it is easy to discern the writers’ opinion that both truth and God can be found through introspection. Perhaps they did not intend to convey the message so bluntly, but they did not intend to be canceled so early, either.

    Neon Genesis Evangelion: Science vs God

    Masculinity is fragile.

    Titillating Anime