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    How To Train Your Dragon 3: Together or not?

    According to the "Dragons" films’ director, Dean DeBlois, Hiccup and Toothless begin to conflict as both have become the respective leaders of their people and have begun to clash with each other as they try to do what is best for their own kind. Because of their new role as leaders one of the difficult decisions they end up making will be separating the Dragons from the Vikings. Considering that the franchise uses the strength of their relationship as a crucial element to uniting the two clans and that Hiccup is most recognized for being a friend to all dragons, do you believe that this separation will only be a temporary fix? Do you believe that this decision will end up being for the best? How will this separation affect the entire franchise?

    Remember that DeBlois has no intention of making another sequel, so the ending of the third film will be the definite ending for the franchise.


      What do you think will happen to the entertainement industry in the US?

      Anyone who has been following the US elections knows about Donald Trump’s moral values, though many would argue that his morals are more than questionable. With such a person taking charge, how will Trump’s radical ideals effect the entertainment industry which uses its productions to highlight ethical values.

      • Undoubtedly cultural life is strongly influenced by changes in political systems and social structures. However I don't think that Trump will have the power to 'overtake' the artistic field in the US. First of all because, according to me, this is a man with no vision for the future, he is narrow-minded and not suitable to be the head of such a leading power country. Second, I think that the indusrty is not that easily manipulated, on the contrary, topics such as immigration, feminism and so on may become the focal point of their investigation. – Kaya 8 years ago
      • To quote a professor of mine: "The best tragedies have always been written in times of political turmoil. If nothing else, a Trump presidency will mean four years of great theatre." Food for thought. – ProtoCanon 8 years ago
      • I feel like a large, LARGE part of the answer to this can come from Goebbels and Riefenstahl's films during the Nazi era. The difference would only be in terms of the restrictions imposed. Also, I'm looking to see a rapid undoing of the progress made in terms of female centric / minority centric cinema coming from Hollywood, rapid increase in cultural stereotyping of actors (you could take a look at this YouTube video song for more on this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSwhRZwFjfY ), and lots of violence and racist/sexist humour in terms of both television, music and cinema. I would like to hope literature will be less affected, but who knows? – JayBird 8 years ago
      • It all depends on how people react to Trump's win. Those who are morally corrupt will continue to create garbage, and people who are morally correct will excel and create mind-blowing entertainment. Trump is not an immoral person. He said immoral things to get the attention of immoral people. – mjrogus 8 years ago
      • I tend to agree with mjgorus. Trump's inflammatory campaign, while based on unfettered candor considered to be offensive to certain groups(woman, people of color, immigrants, etc.), spoke to another group of people who were uncertain of how to participate in the ever-growing culture wars consuming our country. I did support Clinton, but I found Trump's rhetoric to connect with a lot of white middle class people who were afraid to address racism and sexism due to the threat of being labeled a bigot, sexist, or racist. Not that I'm advocating all of his grumpy ramblings, but I do think these are in fact very interesting times for our country. It would be nice to see a return to The Golden Age of Hollywood while also incorporating our cultural diversity. But more importantly, it would be great to see NEW movies, and not dull remakes strung together with unintelligible modern twists. – DrownSoda 8 years ago

      Romance or Friendship: Relationship Entertainment

      Every time I watch a TV series, there are always comments from people saying that two characters should become a couple, even though they are portrayed as just friends. I personally don’t have a problem with romance, but it seems like that’s all everyone talks about when it comes to television. There are even characters that are searching for romance.

      In real life, love is not something you feel just because you want to, and while it is fun to ship people once in a while, I find that there are very few who understand the idea of friendship.

      What is it about romance that makes such good entertainment? Why can’t two people just be friends and be happy with that?

      • It may also be a good idea to talk about the best way to execute a romance, and what the circumstances should be. – enizzari 8 years ago
      • Difficult to engender narrative energy from just a friendship. Maybe because the power dynamics are too steady, too symmetrical. Generally, dramatic intensity comes from romantic/erotic love/lust, as well as more vertical relationships, ie parent-child, mentor-protege, master-servant. Any number of psychological/psychoanalytic reasons that might be, if you want to go into that. – TKing 8 years ago
      • Considering how much emphasis is put on romantic love in Western society, making characters have a romantic relationship rather than a platonic one raises the stakes of any obstacles that might jeopardize that relationship. Romantic love is often positioned as the ultimate goal of life, so people will go to further extremes to achieve and maintain it. – chrischan 8 years ago
      • I think the purpose is to create sexual tension. In the past once the onscreen couple did get together, it ended the show because there was no longer any interest on the part of the audience. This as called the Moonlighting Effect named after the show Moonlighting, a show that was cancelled after the two protagonists got together. The Moonlighting Effect also had an impact on Superman: The Adventures of Lois and Clark. With Friends the writers were worried about Chandler and Monica getting together and how it would affect ratings. I think a way to develop this topic would be to examine how the idea of friendship and love has changed. Shows don't end anymore once a couple gets together. I think Friends broke the Moonlighting curse. – Munjeera 8 years ago
      • Of Confucius' five relationships, four - ruler to subject, father to son, husband to wife, elder to younger - are based on the tension between inequality and difficulty in severing the bond, while the other relationship - friendship - is based on equality and a more easily dissolved bond. The unknottable blood ties of family, it seems, might make the best heavy dramas, while friendships, requiring a more positive, public face might best lend themselves to lighter dramas and comedies. – Tigey 8 years ago
      • Honestly, I think it's totally possible for two people to be just friends without it developing into a relationship. Take Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, for example. They were incredible friends, leaned on each other through thick and thin, and neither of them ever thought of the other as anything more than a best friend. I just think we've become accustomed to stories having at least a little bit to do with some kind of romantic relationship. And since that's engrained in people's brains, that's what they write about. – Jenae 8 years ago

      Endride: Love or Brotherhood?

      Endride, a new anime, was released on April 2nd 2016. I’ve read a lot of comments that the show is supposed to be a yaoi anime, but frankly I don’t understand where they’re coming from with that idea. When it comes to romances, animes are usually super obvious, especially with the protagonists and at best it feels more a borderline romance, and I doubt there is any romance in this series. Why do you think people believe that the two of the main characters are going to hook up?

      • I believe the rise in the "fujoshi-and the fudanshi"-oriented series has set an expectation for some viewers. – chrishepburn 8 years ago

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