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    The idol phenomenon in and outside anime

    With the enormous success of Love Live!! both in Japan and in the rest of the world, it would be interesting to give a definition of what idols are, what they do, what is the history of this Japanese phenomenon. Then, what is the representation of idols in anime (Love Live, The idolm@ster, Shonen Hollywood)?

    • I could write this BUT I don't know if I'd give the best material. My previous blog had me coming across all the horror stories that came form J-idol culture. Such as the guy who spent over 100,000 in idol CDs for the voting cards to vote for his favorite idol. – ajester 9 years ago
    • While I definitely see a lot of relevance in this topic, one of the reasons I feel like actual idol culture isn't touched on as much is because it is often thoroughly disturbing. From the few news reports and articles I've seen on it, the people that fuel this industry aren't exactly a reasonable bunch (much like anime fans) but the difference is that the objects of their affection this time are actual people. Any article addressing this head-on would probably come off as a condemnation of anything that supported idol culture, not that that's a bad thing. – ChristopherKay 9 years ago
    • I think it can be done so long as the horror stories are balanced out with stories of normal fans. I want to write this topic. I am just waiting for my 3 day waiting period to be over. Calling it now so no one steals it. Thanks! – Jordan 9 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    I really love Makoto Shinkai’s movie even if I’m not a big fan of the slice of life genre. It is true that anime like 5 centimeters per second somewhat lacks character details, but they offer more in other aspects. I didn’know about the influence of I-Novel and Murakami on his works, so now I understand even more his style, and I like it as it is, as a specific and personal view of animated stories.

    Influence of the I-Novel (私小説) on Makoto Shinkai's Films

    Thank you for this article! I only watched Adventure, 02, Frontier and now Tri (I still have to watch tamers) and I gave up after few episodes with the new series and I wondered why I didn’t find them appealing, now I know.
    I never watched Digimon in English, but in Italian when it came out and also few years later, and in Japanese on Netflix two years ago and I noticed what you said about the music and different dialogues (and different names too!)
    Now I think I should really try Digimon Tamers!

    Digimon: Analyzing the Impact of the Monster Franchise

    We needed an article like this! Yu-Gi-Oh is my favorite anime. In Italy we watched the Italian dubbed version of the English/American one, and now I am re-watching it in Japanese with subtitles (I also read the manga). But it seems that when I talk to people about it their only comment is: “YuGiOh was created only to sell cards, it’s one of those anime”. As you do, I truly believe that there are many themes we can explore in YuGiOh, and one of this is that it is almost terrifying. Probably the manga is more terrifying than the anime!

    Yu-Gi-Oh!: Terrifying or Inspiring?

    I gave it a chance when my friend suggested that I should watch it, and for the first episodes I agree with you. I found it interesting, different and original. After 9 episodes, I guess, I dropped it because I found it boring and repetitive. I don’t mind slice-of-life or characters development, but in this case something just doesn’t work for me. De gustibus!
    Nice article though 🙂

    My Love Story!!: More Than Meets The Eye

    I liked your article, you did a good job portraying the best aspect of this hobby! I’d like to know more about the cosplay community in the US. I come from Italy and there, unfortunately, the situation is, in my opinion, worse than few years ago. Cosplay nowadays is about getting pictures from this or that photographer.

    An Overview of Cosplay: Exploring the Subculture

    I’ve been into anime for many years and I noticed how fanservice is increasingly growing for non-plot-related purpose. For example, I’ve just watched the first episode of “K: Returns of Kings” and I noticed how the plot, that was already weak in the first season, is even weaker, but I still watch it, and I still want to go on with the next episodes. Why? Because there is this implicit homosexuality of bishounen characters. (They actually did more than this. Among a majority of male characters there are two big-breasted girls who often find themselves half naked for no reason. So now they jave fanservice for everyone and they can sell even more)
    As you said, this is all for money, for selling an anime. I find it sad, many anime has potential but instead of working on it, it seems that producers prefer to put some nudity. Everybody tells me that I should watch Kill la Kill but I am honestly distrubed by the amount of female nudity in that anime. The feeling I get is that they don’t trust the plot enough, that only fanservice can make the difference, and I personally don’t like that.

    Titillating Anime