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    The Silent Protagonist

    Analyse what makes a silent protagonist work and what doesn’t: when does a game benefit from having one? When does it not? What are some instances where a silent protagonist could have been better as a speaking one, or vice versa?

    Or maybe, what warrants the use of a silent protagonist, particularly in plot-heavy, character-driven series’ like Persona? How are they characterised, if at all, and why?

    • Could look at Link in The Legend of Zelda as well! – Sean Gadus 4 years ago
    • There's also the case where silent protagonists stop becoming silent in the series, such as Jak in Jak and Daxter. – Emily Deibler 4 years ago
    • One could consider the role of the silent protagonist’s “silence” as it pertains to immersive purposes. Some silent characters are not only mute—they have no explicit Idiosyncrasies or traits to establish themselves as full characters. Others, like Link in “The Wind Waker,” have more a sense of character through facial expressions and other complex reactive behaviors to story and gameplay elements. Exploring this dichotomy can prove useful in answering the question of the benefit of a silent protagonist. – James Polk 4 years ago

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    Great essay, though I need to rewatch all movies to be able to comment more. I do like how you pointed out the downward spiral that John was on until he finally reached the breaking point.

    John Wick and the Empty Identity of the Action Hero

    Very interesting article! I love the Fire Emblem series and never really paid much attention to the stats and how they were reflective of the characters.

    I wonder if you could find anything interesting in the new game, Three Houses?

    Fire Emblem's Use of Numbers to Tell its Story

    I loved the book series when I last read it, but to be honest I didn’t feel so compelled by the world-building. I felt like they acted as plot devices more than worlds, as tools to be used by the narrative rather than encompassing the whole feel of the story.

    Interesting analysis, I need to give the books another read to see what you mean.

    A Darker Shade of Magic: The Clashing Philosophies of Red and White London