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    How are the DIY video tutorials helping to shape our youth

    Analyse the effectiveness of DIY tutorials found on YouTube and how young people are using them to learn new ways of making things, including building, cooking, makeup, art, etc.

    • The discussion could go further into the positive effects of youth being able to look up how to do things on their own and how that could encourage them to be more self-sufficient and mature. – murrayjl 8 years ago
    • I completely agree! It was a very brief intro to a topic but it can definitely be broadened. Thanks – StephL1t 8 years ago
    • I think whoever chooses to write about this could also consider the broader implications for education in general. As knowledge becomes more democratized universities will have to think of new ways to justify paying for an education. – salparadise96 8 years ago
    • I love this idea. I think an important thing to look at with this topic is the difference between getting information from a one-sided provider rather than from someone in our lives who offers not only the information we're seeking but also a meaningful exchange with another person. – natalieanne 8 years ago
    • Being a teenager who is always looking for something new to do I did make my way to those DIY videos on random things like paracord, cooking, woodworking, etc. Some of these hobbies I have found that would work well in the marketing field. Along the lines of how it is shaping my generation, it is teaching us the basics of marketing and the responsibilities of life. – hnowinski 8 years ago

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    I loved this article! I completely agree with your ending statement and have to add that today’s sitcoms just don’t compare. I have watched all the shows reviewed in this article and others and each show has its own pros and cons from writing to casting and storylines but ‘Friends’ was definitely the trendsetter.

    This was a delightful read!

    The Effect of "Friends"

    I really enjoyed the take this piece has on the film and St. Thomas’ philosophy. It was definitely interesting to note the way Pixar addressed the idea of the self and how you apply the philosophy to the film.

    This is the kind of article I enjoy reading because it looks at complex ideas in a more accessible way.

    Thanks for a great article.

    Inside Out and St. Thomas Aquinas' Philosophy of the Emotions

    I am not the hugest fan of anime but your title really captivated me and I read the entire article. I really enjoyed the details you provide about the story and the characters and I would be interested in trying out the anime.

    Thanks for the article!

    Surviving SHIMONETA: Living in a World Without Dirty Jokes