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    Animation and the Academy Awards

    Academy Award judges have repeatedly been known to state that they do not watch the cartoon nominations for the awards, rather viewing them as childish and unworthy. Is there any credit to this? Do cartoons deserve a better standing in the awards or should they take a backseat to live-action?

    • Nowadays, animation is a rivaling genre to live-action. It's hard to think that Academy Awards jury and members think that way. Well, it might be true, given that the membership is mostly directors and actors, but if there's proof of this, then this can make a really argumentative article. – Abhimanyu Shekhar 9 years ago
    • Consider the advantages animation has over live-action, and state reasons as to why judges possibly overlook or undervalue them. Also consider a culture's general perception towards animation and whether a lack of an attractive market is suppressing the industry's potential. The judges' general reliability can also be called to question - do they tend to have biases over other genres and themes as well? What criteria do they use to determine whether one work is better then another? It may not just be animation which is underrated. – Shellana 9 years ago
    • I think animation is HUGELY undervalued. Shows like Adventure Time and Avatar don't get the recognition they deserve. The fact that creators of these shows are combining not only direction and writing, but direction, writing, continuity (in the case of shows), art AND animation, gives the finished product an incredible prowess that, I believe, Academy Award judges should reconsider. Big Hero 6 was a recent, shining example of how emotion and solid writing is not lost on the "childish" genre of animation. – DrBubblegum 9 years ago
    • One of the reasons I dislike the Academy Awards. They think too little of some truly good works of art. Animation takes a lot of work to do and some movies/shows are great in their own right. One needs only think of Disney, but most of those today grew up watching animated tv shows and still love those shows. Live action requires on-stage acting but animation requires drawing, copying, changing, and much more, and then come their mouth movements to fit in line with what the voice actor is saying. This is not as easy as it sounds. – SpectreWriter 9 years ago
    • I remember learning that one of the problems that the Academy has with animated films is that apparently if they cannot see the actors' faces, then they cannot take the film seriously. Despite the great talent that puts commitment into animated films, I believe there is a narcissistic mindset that if they cannot an actor's own face then they don't pay any mind to it. – MajoraChaLa 9 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    AoT is a very accessible anime- the plot isn’t particularly difficult to follow, and the characters are clear-cut and individually defined. It’s often referred to as ‘entry-level’ anime, which is, in my opinion, part of the reason it’s so popular.

    5 Reasons Why 'Attack on Titan' Is So Popular

    This is a really interesting take on the discussion of ‘selling out’- it’s true, an advertising company would never use a social-justice related vlogger to sell. Meanwhile some ‘personal’ vloggers are used to make money and their content is no longer simply their own.

    YouTube Capitalism: Vlogging Celebrities and Advertisers

    A very interesting perspective. It’s true, sometimes one isn’t sure of the line between fanfiction and fiction- the use of 50 Shades is a very good example of that. There are a lot of conflicting views on it and I think it’s really interesting to look at them. I think it’s a wonderful means to create a world within a world.

    Fanfiction: The Merits of Originality