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    The best film adaptations of comic books

    A list of the best comic book adaptations to film and why or what you liked about them in particular

    • 1) Watchmen - While not a wholly faithful adaptation to the weighty source material, "Watchmen" remains as being one of the most visually striking and well-acted comic book movies to ever cross the threshold to the silver screen. 2) Batman (1989) - Tim Burton's 1989 megahit "Batman" ranks because it was the first attempt to show the world that Batman could be rooted in a darker and grittier world than the campier version starring Adam West. 3) The Dark Knight Rises - It should be noted that TDKR is far from cinematic perfection. It's so rife with plot holes that the most brilliant aspect of the film is almost entirely lost: Bane. Until TDKR, the only cinematic adaptation of Bane was the lumbering luchador who battled Clooney in "Batman and Robin". Nolan's Bane is an almost Dickensian version of the character; Tom Hardy instantly captured the thoughtful menace and brute strength that made the character so compelling in the comic books. The largest complaint here seems to be that the film didn't live up to its predecessor, "The Dark Knight". But, really, how could it? "The Dark Knight" is nothing short of brilliance (Heath Ledger's Joker has become a legendary performance in and of itself). What's more, it's not like the film was meant to be exactly like TDK - it was a swan song for Nolan's take on Batman, one that required a villain like Bane to deliver what could be the crushing final blows for Bruce Wayne. 4) Guardians of the Galaxy – To be honest, before last summer my only real knowledge of “Guardians” had been the few careworn comic books a good friend of mine kept in a milk crate surrounded by similarly quirky comics. When I went to the film I wasn’t expecting much more than a typical Marvel Film – a bit of fun but nothing to write home about. I’m glad to say that I was wrong – Guardians of the Galaxy was an insanely fun Space Ope – hunterB31 9 years ago

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    I think anime opening/endings are extremely underrated by the average non-anime fan. To me they’re often an essential part of the experience; they set the mood, tone, or drama for a particular arc or set of events taking place in the show. So many just seem to fit the feelings of the show and provide a more complete experience.

    10 Visually Remarkable Anime Openings

    Hyped for the new Steins;Gate 0 coming soon!


    El Psy Congroo

    Steins; Gate (2011) Review: Time Travel and Weirdness

    One thing I think that goes along with Vash’s optimism and is sometimes seen in other shows is his constant swallowing of his pride to resolve or diffuse unnecessary confrontations or conflicts. Much like how Shanks from One Piece lets himself be laughed at in a bar as long as no one gets hurt, Vash strips naked and barks like a dog to protect Lina and not cause unneccessary trouble. Both could easily take out either of the opposing parties with relative ease but that’s not the point. Despite what conventions of masculinity and manliness tell us, pride is meaningless. You don’t need pride to protect your loved ones and you don’t need pride to survive.

    This is just one of the struggles that Vash deals with in maintaining his eternal optimism, I think it is an important one to point out and definitely something I’ve taken to heart.

    Trigun's Vash the Stampede: The Struggles of Eternal Optimism

    One thing that Gundam series seem to specialize in is the feelings and hardship of war and search for peace through fighting. What I like about them is that they often offer very distinct ideological positions towards how to attain peace through different methods of war and fighting.

    Then of course there’s giant fighting robots and teenage angst which I probably have a soft spot for haha

    Gundam for Newcomers: Traits To Look Forward To