Deadpool #4 Review: The Quick and The Dead and The Really Dead

Deadpool 4

Even though Deadpool #4 is the most fun and action packed of this run so far, it definitely lacked a cohesive narrative. Not saying that’s always a bad thing, but Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan at this point have been firing at all cylinders when it comes to delivering punchline after punchline and kill after kill. It would be a pleasant change of pace if they slowed things down and delivered a little bit of exposition once in a while. Again though, this by no means makes this a bad issue and this run has certainly been a ton of fun up to this point.

In terms of the events of this issue, there isn’t entirely much to say about it. This issue mainly focuses on Deadpool dwindling down the number of dead presidents that occupy our country, mainly the less important and popular ones. That’s pretty much it though, and while seeing some more story would have been nice, I must say this issue really did keep me entertained. There’s so much blood and guts to go around, I’m sure you gore fiends will be very pleased. The issue definitely features some memorable moments, for example Deadpool dressing up as Marilyn Monroe and seducing zombie JFK. It definitely got a chuckle out of me and so did many other moments. I also have to applaud the writers for a sweet Pantera shout out!

Obviously the most consistently great thing about this Deadpool run is artist Tony Moore. He continues to impress with his use of vibrant colors and ability to exaggerate character expressions. He really flourishes when people are being torn apart, and there is definitely plenty of that in this issue. His art really elevates the humor of the writing, and he continues to be the most important aspect of this run. His work particularly shines when Deadpool goes toe-to-toe with zombie Lincoln in an UFC ring. That whole segment just looks so damn great. Deadpool #4 might lack substance, but it’s a whole lot of fun and incredibly silly.


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  1. I’m unsure if I’m going to get this one. If I’m lucky, one of my friends might have it and I could always borrow. Tony Moore is awesome!

  2. Diffnowe

    I liked the first issue a lot (as did everyone else). The second issue was good, too but with the third I felt some fatigue. Now this issue goes way over the top. Why would I still want to see Deadpool killing dead presidents?

    • Taylor Ramsey

      I am the same–i read it free when Marvel did the bazillion free #1s (i was able to get all mine within a few minutes), but when i read #2 it just kind of lost me.

    • Mike G

      Yeah the dead presidents story has become pretty stale. I have yet to read the last two in the arc, so I’m hoping they finish it strong.

  3. A “superhero” “killing” presidents. Strange, but this is me (even if they are zombies).

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