Mike G

Mike G

I'm an absolute film buff, and love writing about movies and TV. I'm particularly a fan of Asian cinema and hope to introduce people to truly great films from that region.

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    Mike G

    I actually enjoyed “From Up on Poppy Hill.” It’s definitely one of their most grounded and realistic stories to date, but I found it interesting. I liked the characters and there was some fun humor too. Thought the score was great too. Definitely not their best, but still enjoyable.

    Top 5 Essential Studio Ghibli Viewing
    Mike G

    Absolutely adored this movie! The animation was top notch, the story was engaging and the humor was genuinely funny. There was plenty for everyone of all ages to enjoy, and it definitely made me feel nostalgic in regards to all the video games I used to play. It deserves all the praise that it gets.

    Wreck-It Ralph (2012) Review: Disney proves yet again they can do it without Pixar
    Mike G

    Martyrs and Inside definitely caught my attention and opened the door for me to all these amazing Horror movies. Pretty much any Horror film out of America these days fails in comparison to what some these French filmmakers are coming out with.

    The New French Extremity: An Endeavour into Excessive Violence
    Mike G

    Yeah the dead presidents story has become pretty stale. I have yet to read the last two in the arc, so I’m hoping they finish it strong.

    Deadpool #4 Review: The Quick and The Dead and The Really Dead
    Mike G

    I’ll be seeing it this weekend, and much looking forward to it. Thanks for the mini write up, looking forward to it even more now.

    Oblivion Trailer: A Sci-Fi Epic
    Mike G

    Pretty much agree with this list. Grave of the Fireflies destroyed me and continues to be one the most emotionally powerful movies I have ever seen! It’s a shame that Studio Ghibli is in financial trouble. They’re really counting on The Wind is Rising and The Tale of Princess Kaguya to be successful, and I really hope they are. Very much looking forward to both of those films. Awesome article Wynter! Keep them coming.

    Top 5 Essential Studio Ghibli Viewing
    Mike G

    Great article! Not nearly into superheroes as I used to be, except for Batman. I suggest pretty much anything from Garth Ennis. He writes so many brilliant and adult stories. And at New York Comic Con, he talked about a lot on how much he doesn’t like superheroes, even though he has written a few stories. Again, nice read.

    Comics without tights
    Mike G

    He’s one of the most consistent Korean filmmakers working today. He really is a jack of all trades and can work within any genre. I Saw The Devil was one of the most physically and emotionally exhausting movies I have ever seen. It doesn’t give the viewer a chance to breathe and it’s absolutely brutal. Great article!

    6 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Last Stand: A Kim Jee-Woon Retrospective