Pacific Rim Trailer: Cancel the Apocalypse


Guillermo Del Toro has appeared to satisfy the cinematic appetite of my inner child with the reveal of the Pacific Rim trailer. The movie features giant “kaiju” monsters fighting gigantic robots, and I couldn’t be happier with what I’m seeing. It reminds me a lot of the Neon Genesis Evangelion series to a certain extent, and that comparison has definitely peaked my interests. I grew up watching many Godzilla films, borderline obsessed with the creature and the monsters she would fight. There’s just something that’s straight up fun about watching insanely large beasts destroy each other, and obviously Del Toro is a fan of the genre. I think this kind of material is in the most capable of hands, and I honestly believe the director is truly going to deliver something very original. It’s a crime we haven’t had a film from Del Toro in almost five years, Hellboy II: The Golden Army being his last movie. He also had to drop out of The Hobbit and his adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s At The Mountains of Madness was put on hold, so it’s incredibly pleasing to see the Pan’s Labyrinth director finally back in action. What has me the most excited about this movie is the fact that Del Toro has said in interviews that this is the most fun he’s ever had making a film. Well if he is that excited, then count me in! One final note, how awesome is it to hear GLaDOS from Portal in the trailer?!

Pacific Rim stars Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Charlie Day, Rinko Kikuchi, Max Martini, and Cliffton Collins, Jr. It opens in 3D and 2D on July 12, 2013.

Pacific Rim - Official Trailer 1 [HD]

Pacific Rim Synopsis:

When legions of monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju, started rising from the sea, a war began that would take millions of lives and consume humanity’s resources for years on end. To combat the giant Kaiju, a special type of weapon was devised: massive robots, called Jaegers, which are controlled simultaneously by two pilots whose minds are locked in a neural bridge. But even the Jaegers are proving nearly defenseless in the face of the relentless Kaiju. On the verge of defeat, the forces defending mankind have no choice but to turn to two unlikely heroes—a washed up former pilot (Charlie Hunnam) and an untested trainee (Rinko Kikuchi)—who are teamed to drive a legendary but seemingly obsolete Jaeger from the past. Together, they stand as mankind’s last hope against the mounting apocalypse.

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  1. Mech! It’s going to be a blast, let’s not forget that it has two SOA alumni in it!

    • Mike G

      Haha that is true! It really does look like a blast. Hopefully if this movie does well, we will get to see At The Mountains of Madness. That movie needs to happen.

  2. I haven’t heard of Pacific Rim in ages: a sign that it may not have lived up to its potential or even met expectations.

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