How Action Movies Influenced Video Games

Movies of all genres and decades have had probably the biggest impact on the video game industry. Developers have always cited their favourite films and inspiration (Escape From New York inspired the Metal Gear Series, for example, or the works of John Woo inspiring the Max Payne series). Perhaps the biggest influences are the Action movies of the 1980s. Rambo, Commando, Predator, Running Man, Total Recall, and countless others. This genre has helped lead to some of the most visually and interactively appealing games in the industry. But what is the full extent of the connection? And how many games trace their roots to the big screen?

  • Contra is a big example of a game influenced by 1980s action movies. The game's box art features two characters that look like Stallone and Schwarzenegger. – Sean Gadus 1 year ago
  • I think it could be a great article. From my point of view, I see action movies with a high influence specially on the gameplay and cameras, on how we, as players, situate ourselves inside the game, how we feel the atmosphere, like games as GTA does, for example. Hand to hand combates, cinematic gameplays. One excellent example is the Madagascar gameplay on Uncharted 4. – allan reis 1 year ago

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