How far away is gaming from becoming mainstream?

The last several years have seen a major explosion of popularity for competitive gaming, with games like League of Legends, Fortnite, Counter Strike:GO to name a few. Millions are poured into this industry as it is a new market and it seems to be a good enough investment that the Houston Rockets (NBA Team) have a LoL team in North America. As competitive gaming continues to grow and tap into new potential, will competitive gaming be mainstream or will it remain in its own sphere.

  • One thing that might be added to this is the growth of board gaming as well. It's nowhere near the phenomenon of video gaming, but tabletop gaming is having a surge of popularity. – RublevIcon 6 years ago
  • I really think the main focus here is Fortnite. League, PUBG, Dota, and others are popular, but Fortnite is a phenomenon. I can't remember any game being this huge, and, if gaming does become mainstream, I think Fortnite will have a major hand in it. A focus on breaking down Fortnite's success might be a really interesting angle on this. – elijahoates 6 years ago
  • The fact that Drake played Fortnite with Ninja just the other month proves how far games have come as a contributor to the wider world of pop culture. I'd argue they've become mainstream already, when huge "normal" celebrities like Drake can publicly play games and not only AVOID backlash, but for it to be celebrated and garner the highest views a Twitch stream has ever had! – Dimitri Adoniou 6 years ago
  • i think the idea of what is "mainstream" is changing with the internet and how we develop communities for media. Also, Gaming is a multi billion dollar industry, with massive communities. – Sean Gadus 6 years ago

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