Panel Picks: The Most Anticipated Comics for 14 November, 2012

Panels Picks is where I will choose some of the hotly anticipated comic books for the upcoming week.

The Joker continues his attack on the Bat-Family and the long wait for the return of Saga is over! And yes, there are a lot more big hitters to come out this week, but here are the few that will hopefully stand above the rest.

Batman #14

DC Comics

The Joker continues his savage attack on the Bat-Family as “Death of the Family” continues. Harley Quinn has trapped Batman in a vat at the Ace Chemicals building; can he escape before it fills with acid? Also what has the Joker done with Alfred?

I must admit that I haven’t been following many DC books after the reboot last year, but Batman was the one book that I decided to stick with. Scott Snyder’s interpretation of the Caped crusader has been excellent and his Joker is even better. Here we are presented with a Joker that is more vicious than what we have ever seen in the past. Anyone Bat-Fans who have been wary of DC since the reboot should definitely check this out.

Punk Rock Jesus #5

Punk Rock Jesus
Vertigo Comics

Sean Murphy continues his excellent miniseries with its penultimate issue! Chris and his band, The Flak Jackets, are touring across America to spread their secular message. But things start to get messy as conflict arises between the New American Christians and the punk army! Will Chris be able to put an end to the chaos?

I’ve been trying to wait and pick this book up once it is collected as a trade, but the constant praise is making it hard for me to resist. Every person I know that has read the previous issues can’t say anything but positive points. Punk Rock Jesus is definitely worth a look for those looking for more than just the typical superhero comic.

Saga #7

Image Comics

It’s back. It’s finally back! After three long, long, months, Bryan K. Vaughn’s science fiction epic returns! After war fugitives Marco and Alana escaped through Rocketship Forest, they encounter some unexpected guests, Marco’s parents!

I cannot remember the last time I was this excited for a comic book. Written by the mastermind behind Y: The Last Man and drawn by Fiona Staples, one of the best artists in the medium, Saga is nothing but amazing. If you missed the first six issues and want to catch up, you can pick up the trade collection that came out last month. Seriously, this is not a book that you want to miss out on.

All New X-Men #1

Marvel Comics

Of all the books announced for Marvel NOW!, Brian Michael Bendis’s All New X-Men had me the most intrigued. After his long-running success on The Avengers, Bendis is tackling the mutant family with an interesting premise. The five original X-Men—Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Angel, and Beast—are plucked from the past and sent to the present.

Time travel isn’t anything new in super hero comics, but All New X-Men is presenting it in a way unlike anything else I have seen. The present status of the X-Men in the current Marvel Universe also presents some unique scenarios. How will young Scott Summers react to the actions of his future self? Questions like this are why, at the very least, will be an interesting read.

Fantastic Four #1

Fantastic Four
Marvel Comics

Two words: Matt Fraction. With the absolutely amazing Hawkeye series and the just finished Invincible Iron Man, it seems as if Matt Fraction can do no wrong. I have never been a big fan of Marvel’s First Family, but the fact that Fraction is involved has me interested.

If the previews are any indication, then Fantastic Four is going to be one wild and crazy comic. With the focus being on the group traveling through all of time and space, hopefully each issue of Fantastic Four will be a stand-alone story. If Fantastic Four is anywhere near the quality of Matt Fraction’s other work, then we will have another spectacular super hero book in our midst.

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  1. It is all about Saga for me! It knows how to take you on a journey.

  2. Tatijana

    I’m all about Batman and X-men, but there were a couple other in here I might actually want to try out.

  3. Fantastic Four looks very different from the movie version.

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