The “It’s Complicated” Relationship of Deadpool and Spiderman

Occasionally, Marvel teams up the best of the best and makes a superhero duo out of them. Sometimes it works, and I mean it really works. Other times… it works, just not as great. One person that is constantly teamed up with other superheroes is Deadpool. Deadpool has teamed up with Hawkeye, Cable, Spiderman, and countless others in many miniseries’ or spin-offs and etc. Now, you might be thinking that with the personality that Deadpool has and the type of morals he instills, why would they even pair him with another superhero. Why would they do that to the other superheroes? Surprisingly, they all work out and pretty well I must say.

“It’s Complicated?”

In order to start this off correctly, you must know who Deadpool and Spiderman are. And, if you already know let me boggle that mind of yours. Deadpool, or “A merc with a mouth” is a better name for Wade Wilson. Real name Wade Wilson, by the way. Wade is a vigilante or a villain, but sometimes on occasion he can be a hero… just depends on the occasion. Spiderman, good ol’ Spiderman? Well, he’s a hero. Saves the world and all that jazz. He is good ol’ Peter Parker, some may call him a nerd. Well, he is a nerd, but he is also a darn good superhero — let me tell ya’. I’ll get more into depth in a little bit, but what you need to know about Deadpool and Spiderman is that they team up occasionally.

Spiderman & Deadpool
Spiderman & Deadpool

The “merc with a mouth” teamed up with goody-goody Spiderman? You are probably wondering how this even works out, well yeah, we all had that thought. But, to be honest with you, it’s not all that bad. They have become best friends — okay, maybe not best friends — but, you get the idea. First, to jog your memory let’s talk about Deadpool and Spiderman, a little background on who they are and all that good stuff. Not only that but, why they are choosing the “It’s complicated” relationship status on facebook as opposed to that “in a relationship” one.


Wade Wilson is a complicated character and it seems the entirety of the “it’s complicated” (metaphorically) in this relationship that he and Spiderman have. Wade Wilson is immortal; well I guess you could say that time he dated death helped him out a little bit. However, for the most part, he is immortal. Deadpool had cancer and the reason he is immortal is because of Weapon X. They gave him a healing ability — similar to Wolverine. Considering, that is who he got it from. It reversed his cancer and he is cancer free, as far as we know.

The Amazing Deadpool
The Amazing Deadpool

Throughout his life, he has had troubles with many superheroes, including Cable. You could say Deadpool is not necessarily “liked,” but that’s to each their own. He is known as a “merc” because Deadpool plays by his own rules. Who wouldn’t? He is someone that is witty, sarcastic and just beyond caring to the point where he makes snarky comments — they are pretty funny, can’t deny that.

Wade is an anti-hero / villain / merc, most of what he does is for personal gain. When it is not for personal gain, you get a side of Wade that is unorthodox. It is something that we as readers do not see very often, however when we do it makes our heart weep a little. Deadpool is someone that is content with being the anti-hero and does not give a hoot who thinks otherwise. No one is going to change him and he does not want them to even try because it is not going to work whatsoever. Unlike Spiderman, Deadpool does not care about being liked — to an extent, that is.


Spiderman is a good student, gets straight A’s and loves the ladies. He is good with the ladies, at times, but none of them really flock his way. Except two: Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy. Throughout high school Peter Parker was quite the nerd. He goes on a field trip and gets bitten by a radioactive spider (I know, stay with me). Peter starts feeling weird and then suddenly realizes he can stick to walls and fling webs out of his hand. His Uncle was killed by a thief / robber that Peter knew and saw before when he was working. So, he decides what is better than saving the world? Being a good guy and saving the world. He becomes a superhero and thus begins his stardom as a superhero.

Spiderman & Deadpool
Spiderman & Deadpool

Peter is someone that everyone loves, he has a very charming factor about him. However, he can also be a little sassy. It rare when Spiderman is sassy, but when he is, it’s pretty legendary. Spiderman has had a few enemies out there that he has fought and got rid of, but overall, he saves the world. Spiderman does the right thing in every situation, no matter what the situation calls for. He is constantly thinking for better judgement. He is a hero and all heroes think for better judgement because they are the hero. He is likeable for that reason, unlike Wade, who is an anti-hero.

Deadpool and Spiderman (#Spideypool)

Spiderman & Deadpool
Spiderman & Deadpool

The first time they met was in Amazing Spiderman #611. But, since, they’ve had multiple interactions:

  1. Deadpool: Suicide Kings #3-5
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #611, 695, Annual #38
  3. Deadpool (volume 3) #11, 67
  4. Deadpool (volume 4) #19-21, 49.1, 51, Annual #01
  5. Deadpool (volume 5) #45, Annual #01-02
  6. Deadpool Team-Up #683
  7. Deadpool’s Art of War #2-4
  8. Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #2
  9. Avenging Spider-Man #12
  10. Spiderman/Deadpool (2016-)

That does not include the comics that they have together such as the 2016 one I have mentioned. But, without further ado, let’s talk about Wade and Peter.

Now, how are these two characters so good together? Good question, I’ll try my best to answer that. Recently, Deadpool and Spiderman have come together in a new comic series called Deadpool/Spiderman (2016). They have done this before, mind you. Over the years, Deadpool and Spiderman have met — not in the best of introductions, but they have met nonetheless. They don’t have pleasant interactions when they do meet and most of the time Wade is making fun of Spiderman and being a nuisance (like always).

Spiderman & Deadpool
Spiderman & Deadpool

There is not much to say about who they are and why they come together, it’s a ‘complicated’ notion. But, who does not love a hero being teamed up with an anti-hero to save the world? Granted, Deadpool is not one to make you gain patience; but, he does mean well in most situations. However, at the end of the day, they would consider themselves friends for the most part. With Peter’s personality, being that he is a good guy makes for the friendship part. If Peter was more like Wade, this friendship would not work as well as it does. Going to Wade, who is the opposite, makes for a good comic and a good pair. Two characters who we deem as so different from one another, are similar as well. They both can put up with one another, and that is something that not many characters can do with Deadpool. Spiderman is a character who knows Deadpool so well that he does not even mind it anymore at this point.

The banter of back and forth and getting inside each other’s head is an important factor in this friendship duo. Do they help each other grow as a duo? Yes. Spidey gives DP a sense of patience that he did not previously have. Do they learn anything by being with this duo? Debateable. At times, they do. At times, you really see DP come through and save the day for Spidey when he needs it. DP also talks about Spidey when he is not in a comic with him, sometimes. So, that goes to show that he does have some liking towards him as a person and a friend. When they first started their friendship, DP was the same old DP. As the series go on and as they team up more and see each other, they tend to get used to one another and that grows into what they have now. The contrast of the good personality, mixed with the wit is what makes for a good duo. They have that together. They have a good balance of what a good duo instills and that is what makes this team so successful.

Sometimes you can even suggest that DP may be a little jealous of Spiderman because alas Spiderman has it all: looks, family, crushes, likeability and etc. Spidey is someone that you point out to younger kids and say you should try and be a hero like him. Most parents are not pointing to Deadpool saying that similar sentence. Now, DP will never admit that he is. But, at times, you can see that he may be… just a little bit. Because all and all, DP would love to be a hero, but as Wade says “What’s the point of being a hero, if you don’t get the girl?”

The banter between DP and Spidey is like a love / hate relationship. They both know how to get on each others nerves and DP has always learned to keep those people close to him and that is what he is doing with Spidey. You want to keep tuning into this duo because of the comical aspect they bring, and you cannot deny that DP does bring out the sassiest Spidey we have ever seen. As a duo, they are entertaining and they keep your eyes peeled and make you chuckle even as you are reading. That’s what tunes readers into what Spidey and DP have to offer together. An anti-hero and a hero saving the day — well, trying to save the day. What could be better than that?

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  1. There more substance to Spider-Man.

  2. Deadpool is a parody and he’s insane so of course if makes sense he’d still Spidey’s joke gimmick

  3. Deadpool on Spidey, “He’s amazing. Best superhero. Stylish, powerful, but just a generally nice guy. The total package and humble to boot. I should poke him with a stick.”

    Spidey on Deadpool, “He’s a weirdo, a mercenary, and a killer. Basically a joking Punisher. It’s offputting, but I know that in his own way, he just wants to help, and everyone can be a hero if you give them that chance. But…so…annoying…”

  4. Deadpool is easily more cooler and has better moments of coolness than Spider-Man(it’s easier to put DP ahead of anyone besides Batman and possible Squirrell girl ahead of any character due to what he does). Spidey is lacking a edgy angle as a character who once was the coolest superhero around because now Deadpool is stealing his effectiveness as a hip concept and dominating scenes in every appearance he’s in due to spiderman/deathstroke movements and breaking the forth wall.

  5. Deadpool is lame. Spider-Man isn’t.

  6. Merrill

    I know Spidey is a normal guy and sane compared to Wade but reguardless of that fact, he’s a manchild and supposedly like DP in being childish.

  7. Amazing Spider-Man #611 is pretty good!

  8. sigler

    Deadpool needs his own show on Adultswim

  9. Personally, I find such fan pairings utterly disturbing.

  10. Agustin

    There should’ve been a funeral for Marvel Comics, circa 2000.

  11. Adnan Bey

    They even teamed Deadpool up with an X-men hero and even mentioned Beast in the recent movie. I can sort of see how Deadpool and Spiderman can go. They both have snarky sarcastic attitudes so the two together make for a dynamic duo, as well as a humorous comedy.

  12. deadpools crazy has much different powers a mercanaey assassin is immature and innapropriate while spider man is smart good. sort of immature and never innapropriate although if spiderman had deadpools powers instead of his hed probaly be the the same

  13. Spider-Man at least tries to get serious, even if it is melodramatic. Deadpool is just an eye roll of a character.

  14. Deadpool:Always tries to be a hero even when he fails,has short romances with women,can quickly regenerate and still fight at the same time.Exceptionally great with different kinds of guns and his trademark twin bandaged katanas.Has a small but support group of friends who still help him even if he betrays him for his own personal gain.Very funny dialogue when he acknowledges his feelings towards the audience. The strangest,smart guy who knows he’s insane.

    Spiderman:Has great morals,tries to get along with everybody,saves the ones he really hates even though he could just off them.Intelligent,makes handy gadgets and suits for really handy moments(the sheild suit,electro suit,ninja,bagman,iron spider,ect.) Is known by everyone in the main 616 universe.Has dealt with rejection,miscarriage,depression,framed(I could understand). Has some really awesome web-fluid constructs that match his athleticism and powerful fighting style.

  15. They never shut up with their comic act.

  16. Deadpool is Spider-Man with one tiny character flaw: he likes killing people with guns for money.

  17. when spidey makes jokes he does it to annoy the enemy to make him get carelss …deadpool makes jokes not just to annoy the enemy but annoy everyone around him sometimes deadpool annoys his alliances more than his enemies with his jokes sometimes his enemies even think he is funny

  18. Spider-Man and Deadpool are the same being. Even their costumes are almost identical – especially the masks and how their face’s shape fits in them and how flexible not only their costume is, but how flexible they are themselves, not to mention their attitudes. Deadpool is Spider-Man without the web-shooting ability.

  19. Deadpool’s jealousy towards Spider-Man… hihi.

  20. They both are wise ass joke crackers.

  21. Dorian Oden

    Spider-Man tells jokes. Deadpool is a joke.

  22. Deadpool is nothing like Spider-man aside from the jokes and a slight costume similarity. I’m surprised anyone gets them mixed up to be honest!

  23. Deadpool is to Spider-Man, what Spider-Man is to the majority of the Marvel universe. Except he kills people.

  24. Boudreau

    spider man is the basic definition of a comic book hero and dead pool is insane person with two samurai swords and a lot of guns killing whoever, for whoever pays him

  25. washo

    It’s almost as if Spider-Man and Deadpool are trying to constantly out-comedy each other when they’re together. Makes for an interesting pair, indeed!

  26. lol “friendship” that’s what we’ll call it 😉

    but in all seriousness, who hasn’t had at least one complicated friendship in their lives? Made even more complicated by having similar goals, but different ideas on how to reach them? I find DP and Spidey’s relationship complicated but realistic.

  27. YingYan

    They are my favourite Marvel characters (along with IronMan…..ok,i have something for Spidey bigger than for the other two…)

  28. The relationship in Ultamates is odd.

  29. This is written like a 9th grade English paper that had to be 400 words longer after it was finished. It’s repetitive, it makes a statment and then backs it with an illogical half supportive sentence. This article could have been good but it told me absalutley nothing and made no meaningful insights.

  30. Nayr1230

    I honestly thought this article would be more discussing Deadpool’s feelings for Spider-Man. It’s no secret to fans familiar with Deadpool’s history that Wade Wilson is openly pansexual, and has been more than friend with Cable, has flirtations with Wolverine and Thor even.

    The title of this article seems somewhat queer-baiting, and the article itself offers no meaningful insights in to the analysis of the characters and what their friendship means, or the analysis of how sometimes Peter is obtrusive to Wade’s advances and other times he lets it slide? Could it be possible Peter has feelings for Wade as well?

    I’d suggest more meaningful analysis beyond bread-and-butter for these two extremely well-written characters in Marvel’s history.

  31. Darcy Griffin

    I would love to see Deadpool in a romantic relationship with a man in the MCU (though obviously not Spidey, given the very young recasting). I don’t want Vanessa to be killed off just to make room for it, but Deadpool is one of the biggest Marvel characters that is canonically queer. Of course, I know realistically there would be too much backlash from conservative movie-goers for this to be a reality.

  32. Nayr1230

    Ryan Reynolds has openly stated for the sequel he wants Wade to be involved with a man. Of course many Deadpool fans would rather ignore the fact that he’s pansexual and wouldn’t be happy with that, but Reynolds has also stated that he doesn’t care 🙂

  33. I would love to see Deadpool and Spider-Man team up in a movie one day, but I don’t see Fox giving up Deadpool to Marvel anytime soon after all the records that movie broke.

  34. BlargenWargenDargen

    This was like… reading that article that repeated everything over and over but then was a bit more like reading something that said the same thing often the same then it was like reading the article and I found that what the wrote was pretty much what they wrote in the paragraph before it. However, as I continued reading the article I found the author again repeated themself and everything else they said and that’s when I had my cat GNAW off my face because this pile of letters and words has destroyed my sanity. Who hired this writer? Why do they have a job?

  35. Handsome Jack

    Holy crap. I wanted to read all the way through, but the asides, rhetorical questions and repetitiveness was too much.

    • scole

      Yeah, dude i wrote this about a year ago — I have a BA in ENGL now and have since moved up in the world. Sorry you stumbled upon my old writing lol

  36. This was better than any other article about comics, tbh. Well for me, lmao

  37. Sorrydude

    This is so poorly written. I can’t believe it was published. I am so interested in this, but simply cannot get through it.

  38. David M. Lynch

    *sigh* It’s Spider-Man, not Spiderman.

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