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Inspiration for the Aspiring Author

What is important and necessary when becoming an author? This topic is about helping others outside of the book store, and keeping the ideas of others fresh. Help those who need help, and inspire those who need inspiring. Sometimes, we can only introspect so far, and need some outside advice.

  • Authors have physical needs too. Sometimes people mistake lack of basic material necessities for a lack of inspiration. My own favourite "inspiration" is probably a decent meal. – albee 7 years ago
  • I think this could focus on the physical needs of authors. I feel that there is enough writing inspiration articles out there. This could focus less on the actual writing, and more on a lifestyle. – jacklynr 7 years ago
  • It's understandable that many writers struggle with inspiration, but I do agree that there are already many articles out there that provide some insight in sparking those inspirational moments. I come across many writers with amazing ideas, but they're still lacking the writing basics. Perhaps there can be a few more articles focusing on that instead. – parketat 7 years ago
  • A decent meal, yes. And add a bottle of wine. – ajforrester75 7 years ago

When Inspiration Captures You

You may have heard about the quote by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of "Eat Pray Love”: Creativity is a crushing chore and a glorious mystery. The work wants to be made, and it wants to be made through you.

I understand what she means. I sometimes have an urge to write something down or respond to others’ texts. I usually first start writing in my mind and organizing the words in my head first. I just have to let it out. One of my selves would say : choose the right time and right way to say. But I may be under some supernatural power’s control. I can not stop myself. After writing down, I am calm and peaceful. But I won’t be able to produce anything relevant to the same topic soon. I can really feel the idea/inspiration captures me and makes me want to write.

What would you do when you are hit by inspirations? Do you have the experience that the work captures you? How does it feel like? High quality work when you are made to create?

  • This article can also explore how people inspire themselves to write, and maybe some tips on what to do to not lose the inspiration. For example, if I am not home, then I type everything on my phone and then transcribe it onto my computer after. – YsabelGo 8 years ago
  • I want people to share the moments and feelings when something is made through them. This is a topic I am exploring but not about how to acquire inspirations. – HappyNewYing 8 years ago
  • This would be a fascinating topic to cover. I tend to agree with one of the previous commenters: this could be a great article to share tips and advice on how to get inspired, but I would imagine it would be different for all sorts of people. Some can just sit down and come up with something on the fly, while others have to think deeply about it or wait until something in the real world inspires them. – maldwyn28 8 years ago
  • Elizabeth Gilbert's TED talk called "Your Elusive Creative Genius" delves further into her thoughts about the creative process, it might be a helpful thing to watch! – MichelleAjodah 8 years ago
  • When I feel inspired I get energized, almost happy. I just want to go somewhere and write all about it. This would be a great article to write about and would love to see what someone does with it. – iblecos 8 years ago
  • I agree this would make an interesting article. Though there are already many which provide tips on how to get inspired. A different angle would be to focus on the feelings you describe, both before, during, and after. How to recognise and work with this inspiration. I haven't seen any articles like that. – Sparrow 5 years ago