The unrealistic sexualization of female super hereos.

In many comics, female super heroes are depicted as being scantily dressed in proactive outfits and their roles are diminished to sexual objects. Explore this phenomenon in an article. Address the sexism in the comic world, and the need for strong female super hereos.

  • Excellent idea. However, men are oversexualized as well in comics such as He-Man. – CemeteryLikeAStage 9 years ago
  • I really like this idea! Perhaps also take a look at the unbalanced gender ratio of female heroes to male ones in groups like the Avengers or the Justice League. Not only are women heroes being over sexualized but they are also under represented. – ekeating 9 years ago
  • Agreed. If anyone writes this, I'd be glad to look over it. – SpectreWriter 9 years ago
  • Something to look at would be the ratio of new heroes created vs older established ones. Comics having become popular in the 1930s have many equality issues built into the medium. The question is after decades have they realized this and started correcting the issue? Also the one of biggest area of unrealistic sexualization is in the custome design. WonderWoman vs Superman and Batman comes to mind. – fchery 9 years ago
  • What an interesting idea! Unfortunately, comics are not my specialty, but I hope someone writes this up! – Nicole Williams 9 years ago
  • I also hear the argument now and again is that these scantily clad costumes are iconic and therefore they should not be changed. Take for example the new Wonder Woman design by David Finch that was just released. She's still recognizable but the basic consensus seems to be the costume is too busy. So I guess my question is if a character has been scantily clad for so long is it okay to change it? – Cagney 9 years ago
  • Perhaps it would be interesting to take a look at whether or not the way female depiction in comics have changed since the start; if they have changed at all, if there's still a lot more to be changed, etc... – lwiseman 9 years ago
  • VelvetRose has a pending article that touches on some of these areas regarding gender representation and the costume. This will help with some insight to this topic. – Venus Echos 9 years ago

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