Upcoming mid-season series to check out

Though in the beginning of the new year it is a popular choice to start listing resolutions, for a television fanatic, it is time to take a good look at the upcoming premier dates. With the returning mid-season series, a set of brand new shows are also going to start attempting to break through that hard shell of the TV world. Same goes for 2013, which seems to be very focused on the crime and mystery department, that launches five new shows that one should keep an eye out. Since most of them are concentrating on a murder solving plot it is most likely going to be a bloody Spring!

So here is a list of five TV series that stand out and might be worth the anticipation in the upcoming mid-season.

The Carrie Diaries (Premiers on the 14th of January)


Starting off with a light entertainment that will probably replace the Gossip Girl, which finally wrapped its outfits and gave happy endings to everybody, The Carrie Diaries is the first new show to premier this year and it obviously revolves around a girl. Remember the grown-up who wrote columns and talked about sex a lot? Well, Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City is back but this time she is a teenager living a double life – or so it seems based on the trailer. Though this might not appeal to some, The Carrie Diaries will probably have a great start with youngsters tuning in to see some fashion and teen drama. Will it last? Well, there are many shows that are still running with a less interesting plot than The Carrie Diaries, so who knows. The issue of the fans of Sex and the City might be more related to the fact that this show might have less to do with the original series and more with teen problems.

Ripper Street (Premiers on the 19th of January)


The premier of this mini-series is a bit different than others due to its British origin, in UK it has already shown its first episode but in USA the pilot is to be seen, as said, on the 19th of January. Despite of this, Ripper Street still ends up in this list of mid-season series and for good reasons. With Matthew Macfadyen from Joe Wright’s Pride & Prejudice as the lead, Ripper Street focuses on the serial killer Ripper in the eighteen hundreds. British television has shown great success when it comes to period shows including the latest Downton Abbey, so having high hopes for this mini-series of 8 episodes that features the famous Jack the Ripper, is most likely justified.

The Following (Premiers on the 21st of January)


Probably one of the best ones this upcoming mid-season, The Following tells a story about a serial killer escaped from prison who will start to influence his followers to kill people. The premises already looks like it will turn into a very controversial and presumably a thrilling show if the writing and acting will strongly support the idea. Though, the creator Kevin Williamson sure seems to be a sign of success, since shows such Dawson’s Creek and The Vampire Diaries are on his writing list. When it comes to the casting of The Following, the doubts seem to fade as well with the Golden Globe winner Kevin Bacon in the lead as the good guy and the well experienced James Purefoy as the escaped convict.

Cult (Premiers on the 19th of February)


There are two reasons why one might be excited to see this new CW television series, first is a familiar face of Matthew Davis who is most known for portraying Alaric Saltzman in The Vampire Diaries. Second is Robert Knepper who will be familiar either from the popular Prison Break series as the crazy and creepy T-Bag or Heroes as Samuel Sullivan. In terms of the plot itself, it is revolving around a show called the Cult that has experienced deaths of some sorts. Therefore the first plot summary sounds intriguing and since the CW, despite its long list of average shows, has brought some great series over the years as well, the hopes are high. Hence the tiny bit of anticipation revolving around Cult‘s pilot which will either catch the attention or loose the interest completely.

Bates Motel (Premiers some time in March)


With the latest popular biographical movie Hitchcock, there is certainly a sign of interest for things that could be inspired by classics and Bates Motel is a series doing just that. Inspired by the novel Psycho, the series will tell the prequel story of the relationship between Norman Bates and his mother Norma who will be portrayed accordingly by Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga. The show, which is created by Kerry Ehrin, who was also behind Boston Legal and Friday Night Lights, will probably be a great addition to TV horror next to American Horror Story and it is always nice to see Highmore on the screen. The only question for the Hitchcock fans regarding this new series is, if Bates Motel will capture the essence of Psycho in a manner of taste and integrity.

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  1. Im most anticipating to watch Kevin bacon take the small screen. You can never go wrong with him!

    • Getter Trumsi

      I trust him enough to see The Following as well, great hopes for it to be honest!

      • AnnaLar

        I do love my dose of The Vampire Diaries but Kevin Williamson has written some really poor characters in that series. I hope that he will not do the same for this, it’s the most attractive on the list.

  2. Mr Hyde

    Would have been better if you made a note of which series are network and which are cable. I don’t mind investing in any pilot that airs on a cable show but I’ve given up on network shows. Most get cancelled and they are quite badly written. Not all, BUT most.

    • Getter Trumsi

      I’ll keep that in mind for next time, I don’t follow those things myself. I could tell you now that I think most are network (CW, Fox) but Bates Motel is cable and I think it will be awesome.

  3. amarmirch

    Enjoying ‘Deception’ with Meagan Good so far, it’s like a Veronica Mars/Revenge mash-up. Looking forward to ‘The Following’ although I don’t know if it’s suited for FOX, I see it better suiting the FX lineup with ‘American Horror Story’. It’s main competition will be NBC’s ‘Do No Harm’ — both clearly trying to capitalize on the popularity of ‘Dexter’.

    • Getter Trumsi

      Hmm. Well I also kind of think FX would have been a good choice but I can’t recall FOX series I’ve been very very into …. I just might be a bit confused with the stations anyway, I usually don’t follow that factor as much.

  4. amarmirch

    Also looking forward to Bate’s Motel which is filmed here where I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I know one of the supporting actresses and many other locals have roles which is exciting.

  5. Robert Miller

    I have seen every episode of The Following and it was fantastic! I haven’t seen any of the others on this list but the only one that interests me is Bates Motel. I am a huge Hitchcock fan as well the novel Psycho, so I am interested. I hope to not be disappointed.

  6. Anothy

    I highly recommend the new series Bates Motel to everyone. Season two begins March 3rd so start catching up now! Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga are excellent at portraying Norman and Norma’s psychological progression, which, ultimately leads into and explains Norman Bates’s psyche as an adult in Robert Bloch’s novel Psycho. I find the novel and the TV series equally captivating and suspenseful, and they both have moments where I just had to look away. If you’re into psychological thrillers watch Bates Motel!

  7. I don’t think The Carrie Diaries lasted for very long.

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