What is the purpose of Dystopian Literature?

Analyse what a Dystopia is whilst describing distinctive characteristics of the typical dystopian story. Draw comparisons between today’s societal struggles, such as the epidemic of social rebellion and political disagreements, and the dystopian story – could the purpose of this literary genre be the author’s portrayal of modern day society? Perhaps the author wishes to enlighten the reader of such issues in society through story-telling, an appealing and engaging form of media. Dystopian literature also sheds light on philosophical questions which could be further explored such as ‘What does is mean to be human?’. Most literature leaves the reader asking questions, however does this genre more so than others by forcing us to accept humanity’s flaws? Use literary examples throughout this discussion.

  • I think I might do a post focusing on this subgenre. – ChrisKeene 9 years ago
  • Remember when Dystopia wasn't just in young adult media? Those were the days. – Lazarinth 9 years ago
  • Also explore the idea of why so many dystopian books are at the forefront of modern education. Animal Farm, 1984, A Brave New World etc. as well as the outburst of "teen" literature. – vforvangogh 9 years ago
  • This is an awesome topic! I love the idea and question of dystopian literature. Orwell especially, is a person you have to mention/focus on in this topic! – SeanGadus 7 years ago
  • Explore what was happening during the time of the publication of the previously mentioned modern education books such as Animal Farm, 1984, and A Brave New World to find any other sparks that could have created the desire to write a dystopia novel. – AnthonyWright 7 years ago
  • Just to let people know, this one is already in circulation, I'm just waiting for people to approve it so it can be published. – Henry 6 years ago

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