Freshly graduated from my Bachelor of Creative Writing at the University of Canberra. Always keen to write! Currently obsessed with Nintendo, Screenwriting, and Anime.

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    What do we want out of Metroid Prime 4?

    This is something that’s been a discussion point with some peers recently, and I was wondering if someone else had some extended thoughts regarding it.

    What do we want out of the next Metroid Prime title?

    I mean we can safely assume that it will be a first-person shooter with puzzle-solving elements like past Metroid prime titles… but could we also expect an overhaul at all? And to what extent? Will they throw everything out the window and make it a bejeweled-based action horror game? Or will they just abandon some Metroid traditions and maybe put in more of Prime 3’s ambitious but flawed cinematic cut-scenes? It’s hard to tell. Mostly cause I don’t know what I want either.

    Breath of the Wild wowed me with it’s perfect blend of embracing old Zelda traditions, while experimenting with some wild (no pun intended) ideas. Can we expect the same of Metroid? Or will it perhaps just be a return to form with some typical but fun Metroid gameplay?

    • I am so excited for this game but we haven't seen a second of gameplay so far. Additionally, there was the rumor that Bandai Namco Singapore was developing the game, not a Nintendo first party developer. – Sean Gadus 2 weeks ago
    • I think something akin to Metroid Prime 3 will be the best, and with plenty of planets and locations to explore. I would like something similar to Other M's action takedowns but with the gameplay of Prime. Although I have to wonder if they're going to have an emphasis on story like the 3rd. – platinummad 1 week ago

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    Wow! What an amazing write-up. The way you broke down each villains effect on not only the story but Harry personally, and what they represent in regards to growing up and coming of age as a young adult is fantastic.

    I’ve always though the villains in Harry Potter were fantastic, but this makes me see them in an entirely new light! Great read!

    Harry Potter: The Importance of Antagonists

    I think you’ve definitely struck an interesting topic with your discussion of Neji and the Hyuga clan – because it really is something that kind of just disappears and is never addressed again.

    Naruto VOWS to Neji that he would change the Hyuga clan and their outdated idea of “Fate.” Yet… nothing comes of it? Everything kind of resolves itself off-screen.

    Which is doubly weird, as Naruto MARRIES the heir of the main branch of the Hyuga clan! Which is utterly bizarre that none of the family drama is never brought up again. But I suppose this is just one of Naruto’s many mis-steps and plot-holes…

    Naruto: The Unresolved Revolution

    Characters who evolve from being just ‘good guys’ or ‘bad guys’ and become morally grey to the point where you don’t know whether to root for them or hope they get brought down are my favourite kinds of “protagonists.”

    The first that comes to my mind is DeathNote’s Light Yagami, but I loved all your examples and ideas too. Awesome work!

    Antagonist-Centered Stories: What Can We Learn?

    No show has ever explored the essence of humanity and what it means to be human quite like Parasyte has.

    No one acknowledges or gives the show enough credit either, so I’m glad to see such a great write-up on it!

    Parasyte: Exploration of what it means to be human

    Excellent write-up, and I agree with pretty much all of this!

    Like you said, it was bold of them to set this game’s narrative in the past and almost entirely with flash-backs but… the sense of detachment is too real. There may be an air of tragedy as most of these characters have long since died, but the fact that you never really get a chance to meet or see them outside of these scripted cut-scenes made it hard for me to relate or care about them much at all. Except Mipha kind of.

    All I’m saying is that there is a reason everyone fell in love with Sidon. He’s by your side, encouraging you, and you can talk to him all the time. He takes an active role in the story and helps Link out.

    Ways That Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Sequel Can Improve