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    The Simpsons predicted Covid-19: and other real life coincidences from the television show

    Many people have been circulating a meme that a 1993 episode of The Simpsons predicted a worldwide pandemic like the novel Coronavirus. There are plenty of other interesting coincidences that overlap in real life and “The Simpsons"

    • Interesting start. You might expand it into a commentary on what it says about our society, how humor helps us deal with crises, and/or life imitating art, especially in long-running TV shows. Are there other long-running programs where events have also been "predicted?" How do these types of shows offer general commentary on the real world? – Stephanie M. 4 years ago
    • I tend to agree with Stephanie's comment. Also, playing Devil's Advocate here for a moment - how many times has The Simpsons failed to 'predict' a particular event? – Amyus 4 years ago
    • Suddenly, the Simpsons seem to be referred to as having segments in an episode or an episode itself that touched upon everything. Perhaps this notion was inevitable considering the incredible length of time the series has been on TV. – Joseph Cernik 4 years ago

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    I completely agree! Every new live action film begs the question “who asked for this?” If you want to attract a new audience, make new films and continue to show the classics that, in many cases, have aged incredibly well. It’s overkill at this point.

    Live-Action Disney Remakes and the Souring Faith in Animation

    Great article! As a Disney World passholder, I continue to renew my pass despite the rise in prices for many of these reasons. There is just something about Disney that keeps me coming back and reaching into my pockets.

    6 Reasons People Continue to Visit Disney World

    Very interesting post! I’m a blogger who runs a Disney blog from my own perspective as a woman of color, and these are issues that I think about often when considering the Disney canon. You did a great job of breaking things down.

    How Princesses of Color Have Improved the Disney Princess Narrative