Christopher Dibsdall

Christopher Dibsdall

I'm a law graduate with no interest in the law, but a deep and lifelong passion for film, music, TV and video games... but mostly film.

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    Christopher Dibsdall

    Shoulda been Paranorman. Brave was decent, but uninspired. More at the level of good Dreamworks than vintage Pixar. Hope they find their form again soon.

    Brave: A Victim of Favouritism?
    Christopher Dibsdall

    How did Parks not get anyhting this year? This season was amazing.

    Most Notable Snubs for the 2013 Emmy Awards
    Christopher Dibsdall

    I really loved the Death of Mr Lazarescu, but I don’t see how it’s a comedy.

    6 Dark Comedies from the Continent: Laughing at Misfortune
    Christopher Dibsdall

    Summer of Sam was before his oscar and I don’t like it. Of the others, the only one I’d say was actually good was Midnight in Paris. With him, it’s more a matter of relative mediocrity than actually being bad. Besides, that’s only four films in a decade, which isn’t a very good amount for such a prolific actor.

    Good Actors Who Make Bad Movies
    Christopher Dibsdall

    Cusack was a difficult one, but I put him in more out of disappointment than anything. It was similar with Johnny Depp’s inclusion. Both have just hit slumps recently.

    Good Actors Who Make Bad Movies
    Christopher Dibsdall

    Just goes to show that, while IMDb might be useful in some cases, it is too ruled over by idiot fanboys to be taken too seriously.

    Best of 2012: Movies that made it to IMDb's Top 250
    Christopher Dibsdall

    I loved him in the Dark Knight. Were it not for the whole Heath Ledger thing, it would have been the film that broke him into the mainstream. As it was, everyone, including him, was overshadowed.

    Aaron Eckhart: The Go-To Actor for Dualism?
    Christopher Dibsdall

    I loved Rango and the first Pirates film, and didn’t mind The Weatherman or his Ring remake, but, honestly, the guy’s too inconsistent to really be anywhere on my list of good directors. He clearly can be good, but too often isn’t. I guess he’s just too self-indulgent.

    I loved Mouse Hunt when I was a kid, though

    The Films of Gore Verbinski: From 'Mouse Hunt' to 'The Lone Ranger'