Mette Marie Kowalski

Mette Marie Kowalski

19. Traveler, culture addict and aspiring Uptown Girl. Suffers from Peter Pan syndrome. Does her best to improve level of geekiness and explore every corner of the universe.

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Requiem for a Dream

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Mette Marie Kowalski

Hey Jordan, I am so happy that this is the first full review of the film that I read. I just couldn’t bear delving into people’s negative opinions on this wonderful adaptation and stand-alone film. Jennifer Lawrence knocked it out of the park and the psychological explorations in the film left me thinking for a long time.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (2014) Review: A Beautiful Psychological Character Exploration
Mette Marie Kowalski

Sometimes, I look at a director’s filmography and think “GREAT! They only have 7 films – I can manage to watch all of them!”. But it’s true that there’s a downside to this as well. Sometimes, digging into a prolific director’s filmography can be so much more interesting than a style-heavy contemporary ones. There are a lot of small gems to discover and a lot of different stories out there. It’s not “just” a certain kind of film that gets perfectioned as the director moves on. That being said, I don’t think that unprolific directors get boring with time, for example I like Wes Anderson’s newest films more than his older ones.

Story or Style: Which Should Directors Concentrate On?
Mette Marie Kowalski

I really don’t know how this next award season is going to be, especially since the release time for the season is just coming up. So far, I’d love to see Boyhood nominated and if possible Snowpiercer.

The 2014/15 Oscar Season: Classics of Future Past
Mette Marie Kowalski

This is so interesting! I used to love playing the SIMS when I was younger and yeah, I guess it was sort of helpful in exploring sexuality. I don’t remember my SIMS making out with same gendered ones but still, we used to make them flirt even though they were in relationships. I never realized it but it’s actually a very progressive game.

The Sims and Progressive Sexuality
Mette Marie Kowalski

This is a very interesting article! I don’t remember Labyrinth well enough to have an image of the bog scene from that movie in my mind, but your writing makes sense and the parallel to the Christian tale is surprising. NeverEnding Story is one of my all time favorite films, since I loved it as a child and found it an intriguing film even on re-watching it as an adult. The swamp scene is definitely an early climax and it used to always make me cry – you’re absolutely right about Atreyu having to go through this hard sort of “trial”, to lose something and then come out of it stronger.

Swamps and Bogs in '80s Films and Medieval Literature
Mette Marie Kowalski

You’re welcome for that- hope you’ll enjoy it!

Alaska in Movies: 5 Films To Get You Interested in the State
Mette Marie Kowalski

Well said. It is definitely one of the reasons why films set in Alaska are so interesting, and maybe it’s also the reason why it’s hard to find good ones. Perhaps it’s not easy to capture that fantastic edge to the state.

Alaska in Movies: 5 Films To Get You Interested in the State
Mette Marie Kowalski

Thank you, Amena. I wasn’t sure whether it would be a popular topic but many people seem to be interested in films from Alaska.

Alaska in Movies: 5 Films To Get You Interested in the State