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    Social Media and Mainstream Journalism

    User-generated photographs or videos regularly dominate television bulletins and the front pages of newspapers, while opinionated blogging also gains significant traction in redefining the field of journalism. Analyze the impact of participatory action on social media in steering journalism, and the implications of this shift in control towards the individual consumer.

    • Very important topic. I think it's sad that our society is viewing a death in traditional journalism with the rise of sites such as Buzz Feed (where copying and pasting gifs off of blogs is more important than critical journalist skills) or even just popular magazines like peoples, etc. I think another interesting social media platform to explore with a topic like this is tumblr. A lot of people (especially young people) use the site as a way to vent their frustrations and write about heavily loaded topics without any sources, etc. It usually causes more harm then good with passion and opinions rising -- especially when these opinions are often skewed or lack research to back up claims. In a way, people use the sight to mimic aspects of journalism but do so incorrectly. – Mela 8 years ago
    • The Illuminati runs the media. – Riccio 8 years ago
    • Whenever you're dealing with the traditional journalism vs. citizen journalism debate, it's important to note that many citizen/alternative journalists still rely on traditional outlets to break stories (to the tune of more than 90%). The usual process is that traditional news brings the facts and citizen/alternative journalism brings near endless analysis. – Ian Miculan 8 years ago
    • A documentarian in Newfoundland, Chris Brookes, had a fun quote about citizen journalists that might be worthwhile for quotation. "I don't particularly care for citizen journalism, I don't think it's good idea. I also don't want citizen doctors or dentists. We train for a reason." – Piper CJ 8 years ago
    • Social media has an impact on the world, there is no doubt about it. However, social media often lacks: proper sourcing, critical analysis, depth of writing, and much more. Hard hitting journalism will for the foreseeable future be done by large outfits such as The New York Times and Washington Post. Pieces like the recent NYT's one on Amazons work place culture were incredibly insightful. Social media can be an asset, where people can gather and discuss ideas, but the anonymity it presents issues here as well. Twitter arguments are not known for their civility or nuance for a reason. They do provide however extremely important outlets for those who are in areas where traditional streams of information do not flow. Without social media the situation in Syria would be a lot darker than it it currently is. – Aridas 8 years ago
    • It's a mixed bag with the Internet. I just read an article, "Lucy Bites the Dust," about the scientific debunking of Lucy as a human ancestor. As excellent as the article was, the comments section by scientists was even more interesting. Years ago I read an article on a website that sounded convincing, read a couple of others on the site and realized it was highly literate racist propaganda. Like most people, I assume, I believe in free speech, but also in the golden rule. That use of journalism is a disappointment. Also, keeping in mind the infamous Goebbels quote - "He who controls the medium controls the message. He who controls the message controls the masses" - how much of a thorn is the Internet to the powers who might benefit from keeping us in the dark, if in fact such entities exist? Are there examples of curtailing free speech on the Internet, etc.? – Tigey 8 years ago

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    As a black youth (ish), I never quite connected with Friends. While the plot was witty, enjoyable, and comical, I often found myself confused as to how my white friends would spend hours on end consuming this show. I connected with shows premised on a similar link, but featuring more black folks (my personal favourite was “Girlfriends” on BET).

    Nonetheless, Friends is a great show! I guess I am just commenting on the importance of representation. Not necessarily that every show MUST have a diverse cast, but it is important for folks to be able to see themselves (or representations that are like) on TV.

    The Effect of "Friends"

    Really enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing.

    Children are the best philosophers, yet we often do not appreciate their thirst for knowledge. Constantly asking “why” is so important as it forces us to really strip the layers of issues.

    Inside Out and St. Thomas Aquinas' Philosophy of the Emotions

    I love home renovation shows! Definitely my guilty pleasure. One of my favourite shows was Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

    An interesting thing that I often found myself overlooking is the aftermath of these home renovations. It’s always great that folks have shiny new digs to enjoy, but too often do folks forget that shiny new digs come with shiny new expenses – higher utility bills, bigger tax assessments, higher mortgages. Often, families cannot keep up with these new expenses and find themselves selling these homes – much to their neighbours outrage.

    It’s an unfortunate reality. It’s one thing to have a great new home to enjoy, but to what extent can folks enjoy this home if they cannot afford it? A vicious cycle indeed.

    Great article!

    Home Reno Shows: Our Guilty Pleasure