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    Superbowl Ads

    Present the history of Superbowl Ads and examine the culture that surrounds Super Bowl ads today. What ads in the past have flopped and what ads have thrived? Does having a Super Bowl ad truly affect your business? Why do so many people watch the Super Bowl simply for the ads?

    • you can also compare people who watch the entire super bowl for the game and how they react to the ads, compared to the people who just watch the game for the ads. How they perceive them differently, do people who watch football regularly and are watching the Superbowl like the ads better than people who simply just tune in to watch them specifically. I'm not sure if you can find information about this on the interwebs, but it would be very neat to see how each side views these ads differently if they do at all. – scole 8 years ago
    • I'm not generally interested in sports or commercials for that matter. I can say that in my opinion superbowl adds are successful because they seem to push the boundaries just a little. They seem to be a little more creative and perhaps a little more controversial. This is what keeps them in your mind more than an average commercial. I will also admit that I have actually went out and bought products in support of the genius commercial for it. I'll also admit that I'm probably in the minority there. – Tatijana 8 years ago
    • Maybe Super Bowl ads are so popular because 1) it's guaranteed to have an audience, and 2) because it has higher standards than your average commercial runnings. – AnalystNerd 8 years ago

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    I watched this show as a kid with my parents and a few of these episodes I vaguely remember. Definitely a show that I want to revisit.

    The Best Episodes of Lost

    Media representation truly can make a huge difference in the way groups of people are treated in society. However, women and people within the LGBT community are still severely underrepresented. There’s been studies done that show that when people watch a television show with 50% women characters and 50% men characters, they perceive it as being female characters even though it is equal. I wonder what the results would be about a study on amount of LGBT characters in a television show compared to the percentage of the population that is actually LGBT.

    Transgender Characters on Television: Quality vs. Quantity

    Although The Daily Show and The Colbert Report very obviously have their own biases, as a young adult watching their reports on certain hot topics has inspired me to do more in-depth research about such topics. These television shows may not be the best way to report news, as they’re often more one-sided then other news reports (even though all news reports are biased), but at least they get young people interested and talking about and debating hot topics.

    Real or Reel? The Complicated Personas of Political Comedians