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    I’ll stick to Guild Wars 2. I expect this MMO to be one giant bug fest, I’d rather they just made their regular games.

    Elder Scrolls Online: The Game To Turn Them All... Away

    I’m a huge fan of Thor and was no dissapointed by the first film; only because I had such a low expectation with it to begin with. Generally I don’t feel a lot of these Super hero movies do justice to the characters but I think they casted the parts of Loki, Thor and Odin right but the film & story let them down. I hope this makes up for the first film much in the same vain as The Avengers movie, which as a huge fan of the comic was actually rather please with how they pulled it off.

    Thor: The Dark World Review: Hammered Home

    Not sure if I should read this out of fear for spoilers, sadly I think I might of caught a glimpse of something :-\

    5 Fan Theories about A Song of Ice and Fire

    Was waiting for someone to take this topic up so I could be better informed about the subject, I’ll have to dig up some of his work for sure.

    Nice article.

    The Blacklisting of Michael Parks: How a Hollywood Star Was Quietly Shunned

    Haven’t seen the film yet, seem to be a mix of people with a mix of responses.

    If I enjoyed the first one, would you enjoy the sequel? Some have gone as far to say its a let down, will make my own mind up though. Loved the first.

    Kick-Ass 2 Review: Asses. Will. Be. Kicked.

    I’ve always wanted to play Shenmue but never had the chance too, always regreted that.

    Top 4 Dreamcast Games that Next-Gen Developers Should Reboot

    I loved Del toros past work, specifically Pan’s labyrinth and hell boy….

    and I did enjoy watching transformers, but they were not outstanding films for me… I saw the trailer for this in the Cinema, I thought it was the Godzilla remake at first! I wasn’t interested in watching this before, can’t say I am now based on what I’ve been eharing and reading too…

    Pacific Rim Review: Del Toro's ode to all things Mecha, Monster and Massive

    Nice list, I had seen some of Depps film as a child, but I didn’t know his name. Once I got to know of him I didn’t realise how many films of his I had seen, his characterisation skills are so strong that he’s hard to recognise from film to film. He was the best thing in the remake of charlie and the chocolate factory (ok, probably not a remake, he certains saves a bad film in that one I believe.

    My top three favourate films of his have to be One upon a time iN mexico, pirates of the carribean and Blow. Great actor.

    Johnny Depp’s Best Roles: ‘Fugget-aboutit’ to ‘Savvy’