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Amelia Arrows

A writer of Non fiction and Fiction (Fantasy, Dystopian, Historical, Sci-Fi, and Contemporary Fiction) Loves dicecting Movies, TV Shows and books

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    Sonic the Hedgehog/Bird of Prey: The Entitlement of Film Audiences

    This February a slew of both bad and good movies came out. However, two of them have been talked the most and those films being Sonic the Hedgehog and Bird of Prey.

    What should have been a feminist success turned out to a downright misogynistic disaster at the box office. While the other that gain a truckload of backlash for the C.G.I abomination that supposed to represent the beloved Sega video game character Sonic, turned out to be a box office success, beating Detective Pikachu as the newest adorable, expressive C.G.I character to date.

    These two films are where they are now because one decided to listen to the fans, while the other kicked them to the curb, thinking their message was far more important than actually adapting the source material.

    At the end of the day, one wonders should fans have a say in terms of the creative process in films when it comes to adapting a popular product or should fans leave it to the paid artists to take liberties with it?


      Disney & the Magic of Hand Drawn Animation

      From the creation of Pluto, Mickey, and the Disney classic princesses, hand drawn animation was all the rage back then. However once Pixar came around, a new form of animation came about and took over by storm: C.G.I.
      Even though C.G.I have created breakthroughs, hand drawn animation is special. It brings a certain life to the page. Explore how hand Drawn Animation differs from C.G.I and argue why it is better than C.G.i

      • It would be really interesting to all compare the different eras and style of hand drawn animation done by Disney throughout the decades! – Sean Gadus 2 weeks ago
      • Please, please, PLEASE!!!! CGI is so overrated, and while 3D can be good, it doesn't hold up to the original 2D. And I definitely agree with maybe comparing their eras. Yes, they're all hand-animated, but Snow White's animation is different from Bambi's and Beauty and the Beast. – OkaNaimo0819 2 weeks ago

      Plot Driven Stories or Character Driven stories-Which one is better?

      Films tend to fall into one or two categories: they are either smart or they are dumb blockbusters. But If one were too realy look at the core difference between the two, it comes down to how the story is written. Either the plot forces the character through a lot of hell, or the character go through hell because they decide to. My question is which one is better?

      • To me this sounds like a question that depends on your psychology. If your focus is on people, character-driven plots seem more attractive; if objects/things, then plot driven. One thing that seems clear to me is that you need elements of both in order to get the best final product. – J.D. Jankowski 2 weeks ago
      • Great topic! However, I don't think that this topic should focus on the fact that plot driven or character driven is ultimately "better" than the other. Some readers/viewers are content with plot driven stories (like fans of YA novels) and others are content with character driven stories (like fans of the literary genre). This also doesn't mean that someone who would enjoy character driven stories won't enjoy a plot driven story and vice versa. To make such a statement, I think, is actually quite bias.What I suggest in approaching this topic is weighing the pros and cons of both, their similarities and differences, and how they affect the story being told. Maybe even consider how if a character focused novel was rewritten as a plot focused novel, how this would affect its narrative structure, pacing and audience reception. – SpookyDuet 2 weeks ago
      • This sounds like it would be very much an opinionated idea, and would not really provide insight into the analysis of how a story is written as proving which is better. I think rather than stating which is "better", a better idea would be to compare and contrast them, so as not to make such an opinionated statement, therefore leaving the reader open to considering both ideas, without having an opinion thrown at them. – Alyshabuck 2 weeks ago

      Does the Superbowl's Half Time show demonstrate feminism or goes against It?

      I am no sport fan, but I do like watching a good half time show. Yet Sunday’s game had the female dancers and singers do a lot of sexual suggestive dancing. While I under stand that is the type of dance people do today, I could not help but wonder does this go against feminism? (The fact that the girls are half naked, and are to dance in a way that flaunts their bodies to charge the male audience) Or is it empowering? (Allowing the women to dresss whatever they want to wear and do whatever they want to do.) What do you think?

      • I think what was empowering was that two women were working together as Latinas. Media portrayals tend to be stereotypical of Latin women which are very offensive. Also female singers are often portrayed as divas who can't play nice with each other. I found it refreshing and loved it! – Munjeera 2 weeks ago
      • The Super Bowl is tricky because any attempts it makes to empower women also have to take into account the fact that its primary audience is chiefly male, and plan accordingly. At the end of the day, scantily-clad women sell, and at least these women are star performers whose talents people can appreciate and admire. – Debs 2 weeks ago
      • The Superbowl doesn't care about feminism - it is merely a tool, a front, used to appeal to the audience. Popular culture has distorted the meaning of feminism to a point where blatantly sexual content is labelled as "empowering" while it is still used to generate wealth for powerful men. In short, the labels on these concepts have been swapped around, but in the end, the goal remains the same: money. – RafayMughal 2 weeks ago

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      Latest Comments

      Amelia Arrows

      As a writer myself, I relate to this peice.
      I should be writing about my own culture, my own experiences, and I do, yet it’s always fun when you try to write about somebody else. However it’s difficult and you can hurt another person feelings if you do not do their culture or race justice.
      Yet if we were to stick to what we know, we would not have the desire to a step out of our comfort zone and learn.

      Pursuing Equity When Writing Diverse Characters
      Amelia Arrows

      What you said about DC comics not wanting to include female characters as protagonist was interesting.

      As I also wrote an article loking at female protagonists in films, I can see that this issue prevails in comics as well.

      However that is the past and more and more female characters are having their own issued. however I find that they become tokenized.
      For example, for Batman there is a batwoman. for superman there is superwoman or supergirl. for joker there is Harley Quinn
      For iron man there is Peper pots who also got her own suit. They may be their own characters but they will always be in.the shadow of the man that defined them

      Feminist Criticism of Society and Comic Books' Past
      Amelia Arrows

      Avengers endgame using time travel to reverse the snap was both satisfying and disappointing.
      Finally we could get the the ones who dusted away back but it robbed the sense of perminant death.
      Despite that, I think they did a decent job inserting something new to the MCU- the multiverse by using time travel.

      But you are right, writers should be smart when using time travel. It’s a fun device, but it must be used wisely and more creativly.

      I’m currently watching a Netflix crime K drama called the Abyss and while it doesn’t have time travel in it, it has its own device of the Abyss that that bring people wbo were wrongly killed back to life. I think just like time travel writers shoukd not only explore it but also establish rules to keep it realistic..

      Is Time Traveling an Effective Means of Storytelling?
      Amelia Arrows

      Good question.
      While it may seem that the marketing team and the producing team are separate (which they are) however, they do communicate. The Director and producers (and sometimes the writers if they also share the title of director or try are very famous) can influence the marketing of the movie, especially if the movie has a strong message like feminism.

      The Paradox of the Strong Female Character
      Amelia Arrows

      Even worse they blame the male audience for it.
      Writing is really important, especially when you are trying to convey a message

      The Paradox of the Strong Female Character
      Amelia Arrows

      Great article!
      I really do appreciate his brief history of subtitled because as someone who is hearing impared, subtitles is how I watch movies.
      I can go to theaters some times but most of the time I end up missing some info.
      Which is why I love Netflix and Disney plus.
      However theaters with close captions are hard to come by

      Subtitling for Cinema: A Brief History
      Amelia Arrows

      I have watched every single MCU film and so when I watched Endgame I really loved the fanservice at the end. However, Endgame in my opinion pales in comparison to Infinity War whereThanos stole the show. He was in a sense the “hero” of the story, yet we kept seeing the damage he caused through the Avenger’s eyes. Infinity war was really something. It shattered the MCu formula by giving us a villian that won. But instead of celebrating his victory, he ends sacrifcing the one thing he loved the most. It was his intresting way of thinking that made me really respect, and hate Thanos. Instead of just simple world domination, he wanted to save the universe, by killing half of it. So it was disapointing when that thanos was killed off at the start of Endgame. Instantly we lost what was so intresting about the film. Of course thanks to time travel, Thanos from the past comes in and he is half of what future thanos was. Durring the climax the Avengers fought him, and were saying things that should of been meaningful but it was a waste of words as Thanos did not understand. If they didn’t kill Thanos at the beginig, it would of been more powerful I would think.

      The Role of Thanos in Avengers: Endgame
      Amelia Arrows

      It depends on the genre.
      If it is a true historic film, it should be accurate, even if that time period had a lot of social issues. Historic films allow us to remember the crimes of the past so that we may prevent it from repeating itself.

      However, if the film is loosly based on history and has more fanatsy elements or is used as a comedic effect such as the Pirates of the carribean, I think they get a bit of leeway when it comes to acuracy.

      How Important is Historical Accuracy in Films?