Claire Macallister

Claire Macallister

Lover of the performing arts, film scores and blue whales. Self-proclaimed bibliophile and funky feminist, without the funky part.

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    Claire Macallister

    Very insightful article, without giving everything away. You explore the terror and poignancy of this film very eloquently. This is definitely a film that would make you completely afraid or completely numb.

    Gravity Review: Shooting for the Stars
    Claire Macallister

    This is super fascinating with many well though-out and intricate points. As a fan of The Newsroom, I have witnessed Sorkin’s misogyny firsthand, but I have never realised the extent of it. A very interesting article, with some thorough research to support it and some detailed parallels. Nice work!

    The Newsroom and The Hour: Feminism in a Fictional Newsroom
    Claire Macallister

    This has definitely inspired me to rematch Marie Antoinette. A lot of great, interesting and articulate ideas here – I never realised so much about Coppola’s work! Fascinating read.

    The Films of Sofia Coppola: Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
    Claire Macallister

    I agree that Del Toro’s designs maintain a “surprising amount of originality.” To put it simply, I thought it was one of the best “Aliens vs. Robots” films I have ever seen.

    Pacific Rim Review: Del Toro's ode to all things Mecha, Monster and Massive
    Claire Macallister

    One Man Star Wars looks fantastic! What an insightful article on all of these new exciting theatrical experiments.

    5 Must-see Plays if You Love Film
    Claire Macallister

    What an excellent and intriguing article. I will most definitely be watching Fruitvale Station now, and I know that I must bear through the difficult moments, because without them, I am not facing the elephant in the room. I admire the bravery, both seemingly in this film and in this article, to say what everyone is thinking.

    Fruitvale Station Review: The Most Important Film of the Year
    Claire Macallister

    I’ve never really considered steampunk books before now, but this article is super insightful with some solid research to back your choices. Really great, I’m definitely considering reading ‘The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters’.

    6 Steampunk Books To Get The Gears Turning
    Claire Macallister

    I’ve been muddling over whether or not to listen to Welcome to Night Vale and this article has been the deciding factor. You’ve got a great authorial tone.

    10 Reasons to Listen to Welcome to Night Vale