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    Orientalism in the Media

    Orientalism as explained by Edward Said is the emphasising and exaggeration of particular cultures, often portraying them as exotic, uncivilised or even dangerous.
    Disney’s Aladdin is one example of this behaviour. Analyse some further examples of Orientalism in the media, and the implications of such behaviour in the 21st Century. Explain how this exemplifies Said’s theory.

    • Not necessarily orientalism, but it might also be interesting to have a look at indigenous cultures from this perspective. If we're going to go for another Disney example, Pocahontas seems to really exoticise/appropriate Native American history and culture. It's particularly interesting that at face value, this isn't something everyone would pick up on I think (i.e. I didn't pick up on much of the problems with Pocahontas until I had them pointed out to me), so does this mean that this sort of thing has been normalised??? – PhoebeLupton 6 years ago
    • An upcoming film to analyze for this topic would be Crazy Rich Asians and how many stereotypes about Asians are subverted in the movie. – bansari 6 years ago

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    Great article! Moana is one of my favourites – it’s nice to see an ethnic princess in a movie filled with culture.

    Moana: A Disney Princess For The 21st Century

    Definitely think classic literature is important for future civilisation!

    Rebuilding The Future: What book would you bring?

    Really interesting analysis! I remember watching this for the first time and was hoping I would find a detailed analysis such as this.

    This is America: Exploring Lyrical and Visual Symbolism

    I love the show Friends – not only because it is hilarious (my favourite episode being where Ross is attempting to “pivot” his couch up the stairs!), but because it portrayed the friendship I always longed for. I’ve seen every single episode multiple times and am not sick of them yet; I don’t think I ever will be!

    The Effect of "Friends"

    I’ve always wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember, but felt that it was something you needed to have naturally rather than taught. I think if you’re writing about something you’re truly passionate about and have a strong interest in, you will find a way to formulate the words.

    Can you Teach Someone how to Become a Writer?

    I remember the first time I watched this movie (since then I have seen it about 50 times). It really resonated with me and my own high-school experience, particularly with the insults and the fake personalities of the characters! It will always be one of my favourites, partially for the humour, but also for accurately portraying high-school experiences for those who were not in the popular crowd.

    Why We're Still Watching Mean Girls a Decade Later