Grand Theft Auto V Second Trailer Debut

Rockstar North, formerly DMA Design, premiers its second Grand Theft Auto V Trailer today in anticipation of its spring release. The trailer is really well put together with high end movie quality through fantastic narrative and action sequences beautifully composed for everyone’s enjoyment. Check out the trailer below

With great visuals and apparent story to get everyone enthralled with a pseudo California backdrop, this game is making a lot of promises that I feel will deliver if not astound audiences. With a sprawling open world to explore like its predecessors, this game will once again show us a new perspective of how we look at a cityscape and its inhabitants.

You can also check out the first trailer only released earlier this month.

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

Be sure to check out the screenshots on the Rockstar homepage as well. This game will mark another milestone for Rockstar in the open world genre and truly solidify itself as one of history’s greatest franchises of all time.

With this game promising not one but three protagonists to jump between, how do you think this will affect game play in general? Are you picking up this game on day one? Did the trailer leave you breathless?

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  1. Robiniha

    Pretty neat trailer. I’ll wait for the reviews first though!

  2. Tatijana

    Not a huge fan of these games, but will admit that the trailer is pretty exciting.

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