Should books in schools still be challenged/banned?

Today’s generation is exposed to varying topics, thanks to social media. Now why should books entail to be censored? Yes, there are a few outliers that push an agenda but the spotlight is not on them. I am unsure as to what books are currently banned, but i believe there should be a new wave of books introduced into schools (perhaps separate topic). Maybe the "list" of what considers a book bad or extreme should be updated.

  • Censorship should not be taken lightly. It endangers the basic right of freedom of expression. Labeling books as good or bad is a subjective matter. Perhaps, the members of the generation should pick their own curriculum--individually. – purplelight71 6 years ago
  • The American Library Association releases annual reports on the most frequently challenged or banned books in schools each year. In recent years, the most frequently banned books (often 5 of the top 10 titles) have dealt with LGBTQ+ topics, especially transgender. – JamesBKelley 6 years ago
  • Perhaps the best way to promote any book is to ban it! We are always drawn to what we're told we can't have or is bad for us, even if only to satisfy our curiosity. – Amyus 6 years ago
  • I went to a catholic french school from kindergarten to seventh grade. Everything was censored: books, movie rentals, computers, etc. We were basically in a tiny ignorant bubble full of white kids in a white neighborhood. Transitioning to a Public High School was such a big shock. We had kids from all over the city and so many things changed. All through primary there was one idea: God created everything. Then we were lead to believe that if someone was not catholic they would go to hell and we should not talk to them. I was so ignorant and going to High School and being in an environment that pushed me to think outside the box and challenge everything I had know made me into the person I am today. Plus I have learned so much from books such as To Kill a Mockingbird, 1981, Persepolis. Not so much Shakespeare, but I had a great English teacher who helped a lot. – sissid 6 years ago
  • Relevant and timeless topic you have there. I'm the last person to push for book banning, having been a bookworm almost since the womb. My personal philosophy is that if you ban one, no book is safe. And yet, there are certain lines I won't cross in my personal reading--lines I wonder if authors and readers should be crossing. For instance, if a book is basically just pages of porn, shouldn't we say/do something about it? If a book is encouraging people to, I don't know, embrace the idea of modern day concentration camps, do we have a moral obligation to respond? It's definitely a lot to think about. – Stephanie M. 6 years ago
  • I think this needs to are rewritten. I get the feeling there is some focus on a "new generation" of banned books as opposed to those that are perennial favorites to be banned. – Joseph Cernik 6 years ago

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