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Alternative Christmas Films

What are alternative Christmas films to watch and are they any particular reasons why they turn away from traditional Christmas narratives.

  • Now when you mean "Christmas Alternatives" do you mean as "Nightmare Before Christmas" kind of alternative since it combines both Christmas and Halloween into one movie, or "Grumpy Old Men" in which Christmas isn't necessarily important to the story but is a piece of the film's theme. – Kevin Mohammed 6 years ago
  • I think to discuss this further you'd really need to hone in on exactly what constitutes an 'alternative Xmas film'. The whole idea of dissecting the traditional is something that sounds quite interesting, but the comparison piece would, like mentioned, need to definitively set out what you mean by 'alternative' with examples and the innate differences etc. etc. – JonnyN90 6 years ago

Krampus: The Mystery of Horror Movies Released During the Holidays

Analyze the incongruity of releasing scary movies during happy holidays

  • You could also include those terrible snowmen monster ones. Shudder. – Tatijana 6 years ago
  • Quick thought, I suppose. I think it's not really about incongruity but more so about contrasting to compliment. I've served for many years and I suppose I could make an analogy here. It's why I would pair a sweeter, less dry wine with a saltier dish. Too much of one thing begs to differ. For the prior months leading up to Christmas, society bombards its individuals with tropes of over-saturated holiday bliss, planning, idyllic outcomes, and redundancy because, honestly, society has memorized the motions of the holidays. It is something that doesn't start the week before Christmas; it is a minimum month long process of planning and buying and earning and spending. It's a toil of contradiction, indoctrinated "altruistic" gifting with reception. But we know all of this. It is a well known contradiction but it is, after all, tradition. So at the end of Santa Claus Lane when the holidays are reaching fruition and you're throwing out your fruitcake, why not send them off with a little contrast that symbolically reflects the frustrations and contradictions within our holiday traditions. – JiveTurkey 6 years ago