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Can Anxiety Be Cured with Creativity

I think everyone has suffered from anxiety at some point in their lives. Whether it’s gut-wrenching anxiety with extreme mind fog or worrying about present/future events. Being a writer, I understand exactly what it’s like to have several things pulling me in different directions, in a single day. I want to write, I have creative ideas, I’ve gotta find leads, family, friends, exercise and all of the other things, I need to do to "adult".

What if I could tame the beast with creativity. The ability to transmute anxiety from one container and articulate it into a creative container. Creativity comes in numerous forms, whether you’re cooking your favourite dish, writing blog posts or even arranging flowers in your garden. Practicing a creative cycle weekly has proven to lower stress levels and I think it would be an interesting topic in a day and age, where anxiety is at such a high.

  • I think this is a great topic! The only thing is that anxiety can often prevent individuals from being creative. Even though I don't think that anxiety can necessarily be cured with creativity, I definitely agree that finding treatment options that help revitalize creativity will certainly help ease the burden of anxiety. – Kurlehh 1 week ago
  • I agree with Kurlehh, and I think that if somebody writes this article they should focus on how well anxiety could be "treated" with creativity. – Indigo 1 week ago
  • Instead of the word "cure" maybe "manage" is more appropriate in describing how anxiety can be handled? Maybe the topic could be broadened into what exactly is anxiety, how to recognize it, and how to go about handling it with creative pursuits; how anxiety can be a force for productivity and accomplishments. – chloet2 6 days ago
  • Things about how creativity could be motivated or created and through that you can judge about anxiety and how it can be treated – Rusi 3 days ago
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What language to learn

I’m a beginner writer from The Philippines. I know English rather well. But not perfect. And I want to improve my English and learn some extra foreign. I think about French and Chinese. It will develop my mind and some creative abilities to writing. What do you think about this?

  • Really agreeing with Grace. Though I also think a lot of languages really revolve around learning culture as well, and "slang" in other cultures could be another point to discuss, if one was to really connect with a certain language. Just a thought. – James Smith 3 years ago
  • Learning Mandarin Chinese has a lot of perks. It is one of the largest business languages in the world, second only to English, and opens a lot of doors. Second languages in general open doors, but I would suggest Chinese. Assuming you're from America, it has a monolingual culture, meaning that the majority of the natives grow up learning only one language. It is more commonplace in other countries to grow up bilingual. In some countries, you would actually be considered weird if you only spoke one language. – Qiao ChengHua 3 years ago
  • Learning any romance language will be extremely helpful in being able to read and understand other romance languages. French is a good choice for a second language― especially if you're interested in improving your creative writing abilities. There is a lot of famous French literature. – zoetees 3 years ago