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What are the reasons the readers have stopped following a manga?

There are a couple reasons why people stopped. For example, there are a few series that have spanned years and it looks like they are nowhere near completion. The characters are essentially just one or two age older than when they started but the readers have aged a bit. People eventually find the story boring or lost track of the development.

  • I definitely agree that this is a phenomenon happening currently... it could also be interesting to include an analysis of manga that people have stuck with, and reasons why readers made the decision to stick with those manga, even though many of these also took years to complete (Naruto or One Piece, for example). – ees 6 years ago

How Manga Length and Narrative Quality Interact

Manga length varies depending on the series, but some of the most popular manga series of all time are extremely long, but some say the quality does not remain consistent throughout.

My curiosity is how manga length can improve or detract from the strength of the overall narrative ( e.g. comparing one piece with naruto) and whether some types of narratives are better suited to a longer run.

  • I know some series are expanded so that the producers can make more money off of it, leading to filler episodes and why there are extra movies, OVAs, and side stories for anime/manga. A great example of this is Dragon Ball, which will never end at this point. Some manga, like Bleach, have little narrative per a page so it takes a long time for the story to move forward and the corresponding anime needs fillers in order to not get ahead of the manga. – LaRose 8 years ago
  • I'd say that this is an article that mostly relates to shounen. Long-running seinen such as Vagabond and Berserk are highly regarded and make good use of their length to provide different arcs and give the story an epic feel. With shounen, I feel that it's more about making the manga last as long as possible than a good story, due to the way shounen magazines operate. – BoomBap 8 years ago