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Movies based around soundtracks

We’re seeing an increasing number of movies where the majority of the music is unoriginal, but the music is one of the best parts of these movies for many people. Examples include both Guardians of the Galaxy movies, the Shrek series, and Gnomeo and Juliet. For the movie Baby Driver, action scenes were carefully choreographed to match the soundtrack, rather than music being composed or selected to match the action. Movies about musicians, like Bohemian Rhapsody and the upcoming Rocketman and Yesterday, are in similar situations. Can we call these films Art Films? Is their unoriginality a flaw? Can they be compared to movies with iconic, original scores by John Williams or Michael Giacchino? Are they only becoming more popular because we are in an era with so much good “classic” music to fall back on?

  • Something interesting to look into would be artists chosen to compose these "various artist" soundtracks for movies: such as how Lorde was in charged with the Hunger Games series. Another interesting thing to note is that many of these movies now have two OSTs -- one with orchestral music and the other with a compilation of more "pop" tracks. – Pamela Maria 2 years ago
  • Definitely something to look into is why these are so popular psychologically for the public and its most likely to do recognition and glossy easy watching. They make the most money but are films that are structurally disorganized, though are constantly stimulating bc of everything visually pleasurable and most importantly: a song we recognize. Think about why films like pitch perfect or Sing were successful... it could be because the time we just wanna sing along because its one big nostalgic throwback. Guardians of galaxy example taking tracks that were canonized by past films, knowing people will love them but give the image of being ‘retro’ hits even tho we didnt grow up hearing those songs on the radio.... we just watched pulp fiction or virgin suicides – ariannacancian 2 years ago
  • I agree with the notes about nostalgia and how OSTs are being carefully crafted to fit films that rely so heavily on songs that are not originally created for the film. More specifically, to the question of art, I'm not sure if comparing them to original scores would be beneficial, but viewing them as a different form of art could be extremely interesting since it does take a lot of thought, time, and artistic skill to select and place songs that will effectively improve certain scenes within films. Baby Driver is a great example that you note because it is a little jarring at times when some songs don't seem to fully fit or hit nostalgia as much as others, showing how the artistic slip-ups can have an impact on the structure of the visuals. Something that affects your engagement with a film so much deserves recognition as art, especially when it is done well. I would love to see this topic fully researched and expanded! – Aaron 2 years ago
  • I have to say that original music is vital to a good movie and I cannot think of one great movie that was written for a soundtrack. I know of a great work in which a director and songwriter collaborated but the screenplay was brilliant and nominated for an Oscar. It is in my top ten American films: P.T. Andersen's:Magnolia. – youngmollflanders 2 years ago

Sound Tracks and Tone

How important is the soundtrack in a film? The selection or creation of soundtracks is big business in the movie industry, but how important really is it? Movie goers today are fairly savvy creatures and understand that particular scores match particular scenes. But what happens to a scene when a contrasting score is played to the expected tone of the scene? Does this change the entire "feeling" of the scene or can it offer a more complex examination of traditional representations of emotion in-situ? What happens when no music is used in an emotionally wrought scene? Or what happens to scenes when music is removed – are the scenes still able to portray the emotional depth of the moment?

  • Sound tracks and scores are incredibly important. Music is a storytelling cue that develops and plays on our emotions and reactions. We have a natural, human response to music, regardless of how savvy we are as viewers. If look at a film like Star wars, which used a orchestra instead a 70s style disco or funk soundtrack, the music sets the tone throughout the film. Similar thinks occur with The Dark Knight, Schindler's List, and more recently Black Panther. – Sean Gadus 3 years ago

Top 10 Video Game Soundtracks from 2015

There were some pretty spectacular games from 2015, I would like to see someone comprise a list of the best soundtracks. Take into account different genre/styles of music and why that track deserves its place. Take note that this list would be highly opinionated and how that would be delivered to the audience. It doesn’t need to be specifically ten tracks, I just used that number for convenience.

  • If really delved into, this could be a great showcase and conversation starter! – Ian Boucher 6 years ago
  • Maybe to make it even more interesting of an article, the article writer could even do a survey collection through Facebook or other forms of social media to help give the article another layer of immersion. Then the top 10 is based on the survey results. – Kevin Mohammed 5 years ago
  • This would be a awesome, and a great way for people to find new music. I feel like the Undertale soundtrack is definitely up there, but I'm not sure how the rest of the list will shake out. – Connor Gregorich-Trevor 5 years ago