Where should we get our knowledge?

I’m sitting in a public metropolitan library as I type this, something I haven’t done since before I attended college. There are tens of thousands of books wrapped in clear protective plastic on metal shelves. Those walking around me and sitting near me range from young students to elderly men and women. In a time of advanced technology and "doing-it-yourself" mentality, they all came here to do their own private work.

I’m curious as our culture changes, how do we continue to grow and learn? Why do the age-old mediums, like libraries and communicating with each other, stay relevant.

I would love to hear what others think. Please consider this is me throwing some ideas against the wall and seeing what sticks!

  • Great topic. I know that professional librarians have discussed it a lot, and libraries today are often community resource centers (with computers and internet, with workshops, etc.) as they are book collections. – JamesBKelley 3 months ago
  • First and foremost, it's important for one to have an open, clear mind. A mind in which does not discriminate and hold prejudice. With an open mind, one can gather knowledge through personal experience. Through personal experience, you are most likely to obtain the most meaningful knowledge, something that you understand and you can relate to. – paigethai 3 months ago
  • As our cultures continue to change, we grow and learn because of our innate curiosity. The age-old mediums, like libraries and communicating with each other, stay relevant due to our longing to meet others, share, change and pass on our knowledge. Humans cannot help but attract to each other like magnets to share personal experiences, et cetera and then from these smaller or larger human groups, they repel like magnets to share and reshape the new knowledge they have accumulated. The pattern of accumulation and dissemination of information from one book or person to many others crosses the boundaries of time and space to advance our civilisations. – RipperWriter 2 months ago
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