5 Things We Learned From RPGs

Role-playing games, or RPG for short, are where players took on the roles of the characters in the game. RPGs are mostly all about exploration, and since they are usually set in a fictional setting, players can have the freedom to explore the beautiful, yet surreal world of the game. However, with such freedom, it does comes along with a few awkward inconsistencies that just couldn’t be explained in logic or science, some of these have quite comedic outcomes.

5. Hijacking Stranger’s Houses

Hijacking Stranger's Houses

You can walk into stranger’s houses and most of the time, their houses won’t even be locked. The household members treat someone rampaging into their homes as if it’s the most natural outcome; they won’t even bat an eyelid as you search around the house hunting for some goodies. These strangers may sometimes even prepare items and treasure chests for you to take. They sure treat their guests lovingly.

4. Animals Are Rich

Animals Are Rich

If you’re poor, you can make some quick cash by hitting some random beasts in the forest or the mountains. For some reason, these beasts carry quite a hefty amount of cash for you to take. It’s a wonder just what are they doing with such money. It’s funny if they has a similar buy-sell system too but I doubt it. It’s indeed quite a mystery, but who cares about the origin when you can generate such easy incomes, right?

3. Eating is healthy, literally

Eating is healthy

If you got wounded, eating for some reason, will be able to restore your vitality and would even heal your wounds. You can go crazy, getting yourself injured, bruised and hurt to the extreme, as long as you are having a healthy dosage of food. I know eating is meant to be good for your health, since by having a balanced diet, you will be having an equal amount of several nutrients like calcium or protein, but RPGs took that concept and take it on a whole new level.

2. Sleeping can save your life!

Sleeping can save your life

A more powerful version of the former. They said each person must have at least 8 hours of sleep, and sleeping, can restore a person’s stamina and energy. In the world of RPGs, sleeping can restore all of your vitality, and cure poison, or in extreme cases, sleeping could even relieve curses or even revive a person from the dead. Such is the strength of beauty sleep.

1. Your Heroes Are Not As Strong As You Thought

Final Fantasy

Characters are insanely strong in RPGs. They can survive an infinite amount of cuts, blasts and blows to their body, as long as they have food to eat, or potions to drink. However, they are extremely weak during cutscenes, a single stab to their body and they will die, almost immediately too. What a cruel, yet ironic fate these RPG characters are succumbed to.

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  1. BeccaMurphy

    Laughed on “Sleeping can save your life”! Thats so true! Just walk into an inn, pay 30 bucks and there you go, HP and MP to max!

  2. Starcreeper

    Was playing a classic jRPG recently and when inspecting the inventory of random peoples houses, my character says something like “It’s not nice to touch other people’s things”. It was quite stupid lol

  3. WillStocks

    I live my life as if I was playing an RPG…..

  4. Jordan

    This article is sooo true. Especially point #5 about breaking into peoples houses. This is sort of hit and miss in Dragon Age. In some houses, people don’t care. In others, they accuse you of breaking in and freak out, which seems a lot more realistic.

  5. This gives me so many memories of the Pokemon games on gameboy. going into peoples houses. The greatest

  6. You structured this like a story, and at the end you did the plot twist technique. How funny! I liked it. Nice post.

  7. Hey, I need to know what that game on the first image is, I’ve been looking for a game that I remember and that game on the first picture looks exactly how I remembered it.
    Please do tell

    • Never mind found it’s called Ahriman’s Prophecy and it was excactly what I was looking for thank you for being visible in search terms at least!

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