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Hi, I'm Tom Munday. I'm a Journalism graduate from Perth's Curtin University who's passionate about film, TV, music, theatre, and sport. Happy reading, folks!

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Conan O'Brien's Clueless Gamer: Blissful Ignorance or Inadvertent Condescension?

Conan O’Brien’s Clueless Gamer series has been a sure-fire hit, but does the segment talk down to gamers? Is the mix of gameplay or comedy a blessing or curse for the industry’s pop-cultural impact?


    Pixar: Riding the Critical tightrope

    With Pixar’s critical success waning since Toy Story 3, does the company have the power and inspiration to pull off a comeback?


      Sleeper Hits of 2015

      What might be some of this year’s biggest surprises and unexpected success stories? Do movies like Maggie have the guile to overcome The Avengers: Age of Ultron etc.?


        Collateral: Michael Mann's Last Success?

        Collateral is an all-time classic – the dynamic between Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx is surpassed only by Michael Mann’s superlative direction. So, with Miami Vice, Public Enemies, and Blackhat pushing Mann into steep decline, are the filmmaker’s best days behind? Are their similar cases of big-name directors succeeding and failing at different points in their careers (Ridley Scott etc.)?

        • This is a great topic. Seeing as how Michael Mann has become a director who is starting to appreciate style over substance, it'd be interesting to see how much he has let go of character depth while supplanting it with a really intricate, hyper-realistic visual style. Why would he (and other directors for that matter) see the way they tell the story as being more important than the story itself? – August Merz 9 years ago

        Superhero Cinema: Why All the Hate?

        With several installments of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and DC’s Batman/Superman stuff still to come, will Hollywood ever cease its superhero operations? Detail how this process could come about and which genre might stand a chance of taking its place?

        • Perhaps people want something original and not just a rehash of the same heroes over and over again. Perhaps these super heroes need to change to fit the current culture's heroic ideal. Just some thoughts and ideas. – Travis Kane 9 years ago
        • Could also look at the high-profile actors that are very much respected in Hollywood, and how they could help with bringing superhero films more consideration. – Hannah Spencer 9 years ago

        Review Writer's Block: Brain-busting Problem Solvers

        Writer’s block, especially during deadline due dates, can affect any review writer’s confidence and reputation. What are some steps to overcome the problem and prevent future problems like it?

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          Detective Fiction: Sherlock Holmes' Effect on Genre

          Many editions of Sherlock Holmes have hit the big and small screen. How has this trend managed to maintain audience interests? Does this oversaturation effect the detective fiction genre as a whole?

          • Sherlock Holmes is the #1 book-to-film adapted character. Just a helpful note. – Kristian Wilson 9 years ago

          Dreamworks Animation: Inanimate Existence

          Dreamworks, despite fresh changes in staff and vision, is facing swift financial decline. How can this multi-million dollar company ascend to former heights? How has the company failed to capture audience interests of late?

          • Perhaps they should make more films that challenge the audience, make the audience think rather than just entertain. Just food for thought. – Travis Kane 9 years ago

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          Latest Comments

          Very enjoyable article! The treatment of women in reality TV is from a sketchier time in cultural history. Made to be the butt of every joke, it’s an archaic and degenerative form of humour to have multiple bimbos fall over one another. Hopefully, a revolt against this form of programming will forever change the format.

          Sterotyped: Women in Reality TV

          Great article! It’s obviously a contentious issue deserving of significant analysis and discussion. Though the ratings system is severely flawed, it’s the responsibility of the player and those close to them to establish certain boundaries around the game/s in question. Not every violent game/movie/TV show causes violence in real-life. We must remember violent people are more disturbed than the games they play.

          Video Game Violence and Narrative Dissonance

          Great article! Loved the attention to detail! Androids/robots/cyborgs have always made for fascinating foils for human characters. Characters like Robocop and Ash comment on every detail of humanity. From this, the humans have something to prove. Works a lot of the time.

          Android Problems: The Representation of Robots in Cinema

          Great article, really enjoyed it! Writing takes a helluva lot out of you. For me, it’s sometimes exhausting to the point of painful. At other times, however, getting your work published for all to see is an absolutely fantastic feeling and propels you to write the next article. A lot of good points in this article!

          Four Techniques of Effective Flash Nonfiction Writers

          Great article! Very intelligent read! I’m a huge fan of the genre and have found its recent turns fascinating. With TV and film nowadays, complete darkness overshadows balance or joy of any kind. It’s difficult because, in keeping this specific tone, binge-watching becomes a bit of chore. Eventually, the heavy tone weights the viewer down. However, because the quality is of a higher standard nowadays, people tend to keep going. There are obviously a lot of moral and ethical effects that come of watching something so dark and intense for extended periods.

          The Dubious Necessity of Explanation: The Shift of the Modern Mystery

          Great analysis, keep it up! Guardians of the Galaxy is not only a manic and imaginative actioner, but a heart-stopper. The music is used for two reasons – to enliven the final product and explain certain parts of Peter Quill’s life and personality. It works wonders for this already show-stopping movie.

          Becoming a Guardian of the Galaxy: Star Lord and the Importance of Music

          Brilliant list, good mix of entires from varying genres and filmmakers. Both in real-life and fiction, Alaska marks a fantasy-esque world in which civilisation can’t seem to take over. In that sense, movies like Insomnia and Into the Wild are more interesting.

          Alaska in Movies: 5 Films To Get You Interested in the State

          The crime genre is certainly a fascinating one. The way they pull us in is by giving us virtual control of the narrative. The lead character is normally an enviable and empathetic individual. Despite the quirks, all eyes are on them and the talents are almost always extraordinary. From there, we can imagine how we would act and react in their stories.

          The Mystery Novel: Our Fascination with Mysteries, Detectives, and Crimes