Thomas Munday

Hi, I'm Tom Munday. I'm a Journalism graduate from Perth's Curtin University who's passionate about film, TV, music, theatre, and sport. Happy reading, folks!

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The Hunger Games
Justin Timberlake

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Gillian Flynn's Literature: Changing Mediums for the Better

How did the transitions from tabloid journalism to crime writing to screenwriting help Gillian Flynn become one of the world’s most distinctive writers?


    Marvel's Cinematic Universe: What Really Has Changed About Superhero Cinema?

    We know some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s many ticks (humour, intertwining worlds etc.), has the genre really changed all that much? How do these movies differ from X-Men, Spider-Man in quantity and quality?

    • This would be a great topic to write about seeing as how it's virtually impossible to talk about these movies in a critical manner (at least for me). They're all spectacular and fun and offer a decent Good v. Evil battle, but aside from that, they don't offer a lot in terms of substance. If this is the cinematic equivalent of junk food (or as Spielberg would refer to it, gourmet popcorn) then what keeps us going back? – August Merz 9 years ago

    Reflecting upon 2014's Gamergate Scandal

    Months on from the firestorm, has the video game system changed for the better or worse? Can it be changed over the next few months?

    • It would be good to also inspect whether GG had any ACTUAL impact on the industry. Whether there is any truth behind "Ethics", the conduct of those working under the GG banner was criminal. So has the industry changed? Is there now greater attention on the hate directed at women, not just in games, but in Technology in general? – carboncopyben 9 years ago

    Spider-Man on the Big Screen: Where to Next?

    With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 spoiling Sony’s plans, where should the wall-crawling megastar swing to next? Will Sony/Marvel’s new plans to the character justice for sideline him in four of more established Cinematic Universe characters?


      A-Listers and TV: From Dwayne Johnson to Matthew McConaughey

      List and discuss the biggest A-list stars and their connections to TV’s golden age. How does each one handle the small screen compared to the blockbuster heights?


        Opinion Piece Writing: Writers Guide

        How to write opinion pieces to A. communicate to a wide audience, connect to the core issue, and find a new angle.


          Girls: Lena Dunham's Postmodern Feminism

          Are Lena Dunham and Girl’s socio-political touches overshadowed the more revealing, realist aspects of the show’s first few seasons?


            The Wire: Where are They Now? Where Could They Go?

            Where are the actors from The Wire now? Have these people reached their true potential on the big and small screens? Could they have the chutzpah to come back together or another season?

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              Latest Comments

              Great article, keep up the awesome stuff.
              The genre merely scrapes the tip of the iceberg. Because we’re of vastly different generation, we can create not-entirely-accurate representations of the period and certain events. Movies like The Help, The Butler, and 12 Years a Slave seek to tell haunting stories and set specific agendas worth paying attention to.

              The Civil Rights Era in Film: Four Tired Tropes and Why They Have to Go

              Good article, mate. Nice work.

              Captain America, being a true-blue superhero, is tasked with representing what America was, is, and would like to be. His struggle, fitting into modern day whilst fixing their overwhelming problems, makes for a compelling insight into the one-man-making-a-difference character arc.

              Captain America: A Case Study in Depression

              Terrific article. Sherlock represents the disabled person’s place in modern life. He, proving himself valuable, turns weakness int strength through emotional force.

              Sherlock, Autism, and the Cultural Politics of Representation

              Cool article, very interesting read.
              Lorde is one of this decade’s most underrated articles. Our nihilistic, competitive sides force us to pick on young celebrities. No matter their mental state, we should give them a chance to prove themselves on a world stage. To make hit records is a tremendous skill.

              Lorde and the Ambiguous 'You': the Idyllic Relationship of Pure Heroine

              Well done on the article! Gave me a lot to think about it! Authorship does indeed refer to the director’s hold over a production to create a distinguishable work of art. With film, TV etc. relying on the screenplay/direction relationship, many directors make the choice to either pick scripts they are entirely comfortable with or writer their own. James Cameron, for example, takes up many years crafting every inch of his singular vision. Meanwhile, big-names like Ridley Scott take scripts and run with them (which may answer for his recent foibles).

              Story or Style: Which Should Directors Concentrate On?

              Great article! A lot of range and interesting analyses! like many of Joss Whedon’s signature works, the drama and comedy work thanks to the characters at his disposal. Creating a push-me-pull-you vibe. Dealing with contrasting personalities and powers, his writing and directorial style delivers lasting appeal and frenzied conflicts between his colourful casts.

              Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Seeing is Believing in Season Seven

              Well done! Fantastic article with a lot of interesting points! This type of anime, popular throughout the world, does tend to appeal to those with similar issues to its characters. In this case, using what you have for good or evil. These types of conflicts deliver major appeal for adolescence eager for change and reassurance.

              Cyborg 009: The Long Road to an Ending

              Great article! Very concise and interesting, well done! The film and novel work in vastly different ways. Despite both telling the same visceral and distressing narrative, the film embraces the news media’s long-lasting effect on the mystery. Meanwhile, the book takes enough time to chart the steadily declining central relationship.

              Gone Girl: The Complexity of Human Behavior