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    Jennifer's Body: How it Failed its Feminist Audience

    In 2009 when Jennifer’s Body was being advertised, the director and screenwriter claimed the film was a feminist horror. Unfortunately, it actually enraged many feminist viewers. What went wrong? Are there other examples of feminist horror?

    • Let's face it; one of the biggest factors why the movie was not good was because of Megan Fox herself. I'm sure she is a fine person in real life, but her acting is awful, and she fails to give her character any real personality. She is only there to have fan service, and that is what the whole film feels like. Plus the Ending was just stupid. – Aaron Hatch 9 years ago
    • I had no idea that this was supposed to be a feminist film. I suppose that I can see this (sort of) in the power she exudes over men. However she is using the men's sexualization of her to her benefit--encouraging their objectification of her body (the opposite of feminism). The character of Jennifer is a feminist nightmare: the is the epitome of the high school slut cliche. We know nothing about her other than her promiscuous, flirtatious nature. She has no real depth. Instead of being a person, she is a sexual object. This film does nothing to help the feminist movement. If anything, it sets us back. – Nicole Wethington 9 years ago
    • In 2022, only few people would say that movie "failed." It actually became a cult film and many critics have proved how "feminist" it actually is (not using that vocabulary, of course). – T. Palomino 2 years ago

    Walt Disney Studios and their Monopoly on the film Industry

    Disney has been unstoppable in recent years, not only do they own Marvel Studios and Pixar but they recently bought LucasFilm thus buying Star Wars. How may other studios combat their domination? Is there hope for a more diverse film landscape?

    • Interesting topic! I can't actually think of any kids' movies that aren't Disney. It'd be worth digging up some non-Disney examples to compare/contrast. – Jessica Marie Farrugia 9 years ago
    • This is an absolutely terrifying topic. Terrifying in that it is a really good idea and extremely relevant. I hope someone writes this. It would be nice for the writer to explore the possible corrupt greed of this corporate entity over the sacrifice of art and distinct identity forms. – Starvix Draxon 9 years ago
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    Phantom of the Opera and its many, many, adaptations

    The original novel of Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux was published in the 1880s and yet is still known by today’s audiences. It has been turned into a silent horror film, a sound horror film, a romantic miniseries, and is most widely known as a musical. What about this story is so resonant? What have the many adaptations done to make the story relevant?

    • Great idea! I think it would be really interesting to hone this topic through discussion of the horror/romance dichotomy.. maybe it could even nod towards the much-anticipated adaptation of Beauty and the Beast? (A little off topic but the attraction to the not-so-charming Prince still stands..) – Jessica Marie Farrugia 9 years ago

    Star Wars: A Noobie's Guide

    What are some need-to-know things a noobie like myself needs to know to be ready for The Force Awakens?A basic run down of important characters, themes, and the universe would be important.

    • Rule #1 Ignore Episodes I, II and III. If you remember that then you should be alright. – Michael Clancy 9 years ago
    • Episode III had merits. I truely think it did, there were some good action bits, some interesting politics, good lines ("only Sith deal in absolutes!" is a very profound statement) just ignore Euan McGregor saying 'younglings'. – Francesca Turauskis 9 years ago
    • I'd actually say that it'd be necessary to address the prequels; if this is meant to be a guide for people who have absolutely no knowledge of the Star Wars films, then to avoid confusion, it'd probably be best to talk about the history of the series as a whole, not cutting out the bits that some don't care for. That doesn't mean the writer has to endorse the prequels; it just means they ought to maintain their integrity and address all six movies in equal detail. – August Merz 9 years ago
    • I don't think the prequels will be needed to go into much detail here, nor the expanded universe (comics and television shows). Of what we've seen from The Force Awakens so far, there is very little that is relatable to the prequels, I really think you only need to know about the original trilogy to be ready for, to understand fully The Force Awakens. That's not to say that the prequels should be left out entirely; they do offer some good back story/ historical context to the Star Wars universe. – Jamie 9 years ago

    Creator and Fan Relationships

    The internet age allows fan to have direct conversations with the creators of their favorite television shows, comic books, or films. Is this a good thing? Should creators have a good relationship with their fans?

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      Web Series vs Network Televison

      Could you draw a line in terms of quality between Web series versus Network TV? Or are they more or less the same?

      • Censorship could be an aspect to be looked at? Do web series programs have more creative freedom? – Ryan Errington 9 years ago
      Write this topic

      The Need of Shipping in Fandom

      Typically, in a fandom community fans will feel the need to ‘ship’ or wish for two characters to be in a romantic relationship. Movie Studios even have picked up on this and themed merchandise for ship (i.e. Twilight and Team Edward or Jacob.) But why? What does a romantic relationship do or not do for a story? Why do some fans feel the need to protect their ship?

      Of particular note could be Harry Potter, Twilight, and most recently the Avengers.

      • Could also be interesting to look at shipping in terms of sexuality as well. For example, the Cumberbatch Sherlock and Watson relationship has a very strong fanbase, as well as shipping between Beca and Chloe from Pitch Perfect, despite the fact that it's indicated (in Pitch Perfect at least) that the characters are opposite-gender attracted. – Hannah Spencer 9 years ago

      Producing in Hollywood

      We’ve all heard of the big name producers such as Marvel’s Kevin Feige and Jerry Bruckheimer. But what does producing a movie entail? What’s the process? How much of a creative say do producers have?

      • Interesting. Are you going to list all the types of producers like executive and co-producers? It would be awesome if you include some examples of producers that had made some sort of impact on movies. – dthechadwick 9 years ago
      • You could talk about how big name directors like Steven Spielberg use their name to sell the movie, by putting them in the producing role. Interesting to think that some producers names are used in the marketing, while others are not. – Aaron Hatch 9 years ago
      • May be interested to see how TV producers stand up to film producers. Do TV producers nowadays have more clout? Where can Jerry Bruckheimer and Kevin Feige go next? – Thomas Munday 9 years ago
      • I'm going to rock the boat and pose the question of do we even need producers? Do they have to much say on certain creative aspects? Can the producer actually harm the story they're producing instead of making it good, especially in the case of adaptation? Or are they a necessary part of film production? Just some thoughts to think about. – Travis Kane 9 years ago

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      Latest Comments

      I also came in from the game, I hope you enjoy the comic if you choose to read it. Thanks for the comment!

      Vertigo's Fables: Fate, Duty, and Redemption in the Modern World

      You’re welcome! I hope you do check it out someday.

      Vertigo's Fables: Fate, Duty, and Redemption in the Modern World

      Ohhh I hate Jack, especially after the Rose Red situation. But thank you for the comment!

      Vertigo's Fables: Fate, Duty, and Redemption in the Modern World

      Thank you for the comment! I agree Fables is flawed, it seemed odd to me that they went after the Adversary so early on in the series. I came in from the game, The Wolf Among Us, and was disappointed initially after the first two volumes. But I love the characterizations so much I had to continue. I hope you do catch up with the series someday!

      Vertigo's Fables: Fate, Duty, and Redemption in the Modern World

      Thank you for this article! I never considered Jane to be a “bad feminist” to me having choices is feminist as you can get. I’ll check out some Roxanne Gay she seems awesome. Well done!

      Analyzing Jane Eyre as a Contemporary "Bad Feminist"

      Well done with this topic! Personally, I’m not a fan of Miller (His portrayal of Batman and women in particular drives me mad) but I do understand his influence on the industry as a whole. It’s nice to see someone mention his good and bad aspects.

      Frank Miller's Return To Batman Comics

      Wonderful article! I really liked your spin on the topic. Disney isn’t as bad as I initially thought. Love the title of the article as well. 🙂

      Mouse-opoly: Is Disney Dominating the Entertainment Industry?

      I personally would love to see a female Robin in Dawn of Justice. I like this idea of combining both Carrie and Stephanie into one. You could get some really interesting stories that way. Lovely article, very thorough! And thanks for the plug for my History of Robin article :).

      Should There be a Female Robin in Batman vs Superman?