Thomas Currington

Thomas Currington

Politics graduate from the University of Sheffield. My main interests are literature, TV and film. Favourites: Kerouac & Fitzgerald, The West Wing, American Graffiti

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Thomas Currington

I would say that it is based upon a real social experiment that did pretty much follow the same lines. While some parts of the film are sensationalised it does stay true to the original ‘third wave experiment’. Films are unrealistic – but that is the point.

I would also point out that other social experiments have gone the same way. The main one that comes to mind is the Stanford Prison Experiment.

Overt or Covert: Films and Their Underlying Messages
Thomas Currington

Good article! I feel that the main problem with the Wolf of Wall Street was how they brushed over the details of how Belfort and his company worked. That, and including the man himself in the last scene.

In Defense of The Wolf of Wall Street: Why Jordan Belfort's Lifestyle Needed to be Glamorized
Thomas Currington

A good article – I particularly liked you point about The Help.
It made me think that list articles on the best/worst casting choices for characters from novels.

The Novel or the Film?
Thomas Currington

Francis Underwood from House of Cards? He’s pretty seriously morally ambiguous

Top 7 Morally Ambiguous Television Protagonists
Thomas Currington

never knew about ewan mcgregor being passed up for the beach. Dicaprio was a great richard and a better choice i think

What Can We Expect from Danny Boyle’s Adaptation of 'Porno'?
Thomas Currington

I love pixar films but have never watched any of the shorts. After this I definitely will, great article!

Pixar Shorts: The Adverts That Made Cinema History
Thomas Currington

I watched white ribbon today and found it a hard one. While it kept me watching despite being very bleak, I found that I had to do too much work to realise what he was getting at. Contemplating looking at White Ribbon and The Wave and comparing how WR makes you work to realise the message, whereas The Wave pretty much spells it out for you..

5 Political Films You May Have Missed
Thomas Currington

I was toying with the idea of doing a comparison between The West Wing and House of Cards. How WW presents most people in politics as fundamentally good etc, whereas HoC shows everyone in politics as bad etc. but didn’t think id have enough to write about

5 Political Films You May Have Missed