Game of Thrones: 5 Burning Questions And Predictions For Season 4

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In case if you were living under a rock, the highly anticipated new season of Game of Thrones is scheduled to premiere on April 6, 2014 on HBO. For those who have watched Season 3, it left a lot of cliffhangers and made us question about the fate of the Seven Kingdoms. Honestly, I’m more focused on what’s going to happen with our beloved characters. Seeing the Season 4 poster with the words “All Men Must Die” gave me the chills. Nevertheless, I’m really excited to see what the new season brings. So grab your popcorn and read my Top 5 questions that most of us are asking for the new season.

Note: This article contains spoilers from the previous seasons. If you have not seen the series, please read at your own risk.

5. Can We Expect a Confrontation between Jon Snow and Ygritte?

Game of Thrones

In the last episode of Season 3, Jon was badly injured while battling the Wildings. While he was resting and tending to his injuries, he was confronted by Ygritte. With an arrow ready to shoot Jon, he tries to talk to Ygritte out of it by letting her know that he still loves her. He also reminded that despite the fact that he still loves her, he remains loyal to the Watch. It was easy for Jon to let Ygritte know about his feelings. However, Ygritte was still angered by Jon’s betrayal and ended up shooting him three times with her bow as he flees from her, watching him go with tears in her eyes.

It’s safe to say that there may be that possibility that Jon might run into Ygritte again during Season 4. However, given the circumstances that played out during the release of the Wildings, there’s a chance that Jon would be mostly focused on staying alive. On top of that, he would also have to face the repercussions on leaving the Watch when he returns back to Castle Black. Ygritte does have a strong influence on Jon Snow. However, she may meet her demise during the course of the season based on her actions from the previous season. It’s a tough call, but lets hope for the best between the both of them.

At least we can agree on one thing – Jon Snow wouldn’t open up his dialogue by letting others know that he used to be an adventurer, but then took an arrow in the knee (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim reference, if anyone is curious).

4. Will Daenerys Targaryen ever reach Westeros?

Game of Thrones

When we last saw Daenerys Targaryen, she and her advisers were waiting for her slaves to appear. When the gate opened and the slaves were freed, Missandei began to tell them that Danerys was the one that emancipated everyone. Daenerys interrupts the conversation and says that it is the slaves’ own choice to reach for their freedom. In that moment, one of the freedman stretched out his hands towards Daenerys and called her “mhysa.” One by one, the rest of the freedman was chanting the same phrase. Out of confusion, Daenerys asks Missandei who revealed that the word means “mother” in the Ghiscari language. As the slaves were advancing on Daenerys, the Unsullied stepped into formation but the Mother of Dragons tells them to stand down. After telling her dragons to fly, she steps out of the protection of the Unsullied and into the chanting crowd. They embraced Danerys as they recognized her as their savior.

Clearly, you can see the trials Daenerys had to face during her journey. She shows that determination on wanting to claim the Iron Throne at all costs. No longer she is the timid woman that we once knew in the earlier seasons. Danerys is more aggressive and brave. Based on the chain of reactions during the storyline, it seems that there will be more sacrifices to be made as Danerys makes her way to Westeros. More notably, she may have to choose her allies very carefully as she reaches closer to her destination.

As the old saying goes, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” You can bet that Daenerys will be harnessing the power of the dragons more often for this upcoming season. More fire, more blood and more adrenaline.

3. What Can We Expect For Arya and The Hound’s Journey?

Game Of Thrones

For those who have seen “The Rains Of Castamere” episode, many would agree that it was one of the bloodiest events that ever occurred during the series. We’ve witnessed the deaths of Lady Stark and Robb Stark during the scene where they attended the wedding. In the meantime, Arya Stark and the Hound was outside at The Twins in disguise. They were turned away by the guards, but that didn’t stop Arya from slipping away under the Hound’s protection. She noticed the Frey men had killed the Stark soldiers and Grey Wind, Robb Stark’s direwolf. As Arya tried to make her way to the castle, Sansor stopped her and informed her that she will get killed. Refusing to listen to the Hound’s suggestion, he knocks her unconscious and takes her to a safe place.

At the last episode, Arya and the Hound was at the Riverlands and overheard a group of the Frey men mocking the Starks and bragging about what they did with the corpses during the Red Wedding. Arya approached the Frey men and asked if she could warm up by the fire. She offers the coin given to her by Jaqen H’ghar as a form of payment. When the Frey man investigates, she stabs him in the neck. In the process, the Hound deals with the others before demanding to know where Arya got the knife. She reveals that she took the knife from him. While the Hound was cleaning up the bodies, Arya whispered the phrase,”Valar Morghulis”.

Many have wondered what the outcome of Arya Stark while traveling with the Hound. Given the circumstances that were presented to her, there may be a chance she might come across her old friend who gave her the coin. Seeing that she witnessed the deaths of her family, Arya became hardened and more bitter. With the new season, it would provide an opportunity for her to sharpen her fighting skills while on her journey. Most likely, Arya would not become deceased in this season. After all, she has proven her worth by managing to stay alive through her wits and survival skills.

2. What Will Happen To Theon Greyjoy?

Game of Thrones

When we last saw Theon, he was captured by Ramsay Snow, the bastard child son of Roose Bolton. During the time, he was tortured and humiliated every way possible. From having his pinkie removed to his genitals cut off, it’s no wonder why Ramsay Snow was enjoying his time making Theon’s life very miserable. Originally, Theon was under the assumption that his savior wanted to help him escape. He even confessed his sins to Ramsay by mentioning that all this time Eddard Stark was his true father. Ramsay had sent Theon’s severed penis to his family in Pyke with a letter demanding that the ironborn should withdraw from the North or Ramsay will send them more of Theon’s body parts. Balon refused to surrender and mentioned that Theon was no value since he disobeyed his orders from the start. Theon’s sister Yara ended up defying her father’s orders and decided to get the fastest ship in the fleet and the strongest men to help retrieve her brother back.

Based on the events that transpired from Season 3, Theon Greyjoy’s situation looks pretty bleak. Any chance of living during Season 4 is very low. Many of his actions were a result of his karma catching up to him when he held Winterfell hostage at one point. Perhaps there may be a chance that Theon could become a martyr for his suffering.

All I have to say is this – poor Theon Greyjoy. He simply became loveless.

1. Will Bran Stark Be Able To Go Beyond The Wall?

Game Of Thrones

Regardless of his inability to walk, it did not stop Bran’s determination to go beyond the wall. With the help of Hodor, Jojen and Meera, they make their way to find the third-eyed raven that haunts Bran’s dreams. Their expectations was to hope that by finding the third-eyed raven, they will be the ones to stop the White Walkers.

With Bran’s unique ability as a Warg and the magical power of greensight, there’s a high probability that he will be able to find the answers to his questions regarding his prophetic dreams. With the new war raging on, there may be a chance that Bran might be the one to save everyone. If placed in a situation where Bran would have to fight for his life, he would have to find a way to adapt due to the fact that his legs were paralyzed. But I firmly believe that he will have the help when he least suspects it. It would be a shame to see Bran Stark’s life being taken away by the White Walkers. He has shown so much strength and willpower to be able to make the journey from his homeland to the unknown.

While there are many questions that may have not been answered, these are the main five questions that has been circling around since the end of Season 3. Game of Thrones promises that Season 4 will be a very dark season. You can expect that there will be many twists and turns as the season starts within two weeks.

What do you think? Leave a comment.

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  1. GoT, Mad Men, and Penny Dreadful. Got some good television in the upcoming months that will help ease the pain of Rust Cohle withdrawal.

  2. Kathaleen

    Best show on TV and HBO is really the number one network for great shows. After True Detective’s great 1st season, GOT season 4 will probably be the best one yet I cant wait!

  3. Bo Smallwood

    I hope they give us a lot more Ramsey and Theon. Those parts were my favourite in the later books, so much suspense. I’d gladly just have the series focus on them

    • Really? They were one of my least favorite. They really do pick up much better in the 5th book however with things that actually matter to the story.

  4. I love this fucking show. but why have’t they said the names of the dragons yet? the black/red one is Drogon the green/brown one is Reagal and the cream/gold one is Viserion. Are they just gonna call them Dragons? that would be lame.

  5. Like all movies/shows based on manuscript, the books are simply superior. I think only James Cameron could have made it what it should have been even if that would have been a 3 part movie for each season. Just my 2 cents.

    • Yvone Keene

      This is a completely ignorant blanket statement. While I agree that in this case the books are better, the show holds up pretty amazingly well. There are many books that are arguably better than their source material. No one can say “All” books are better than the films that derive from them. By the way, it’s pretty pretentious to call books manuscripts, but what’s worse is you used the term incorrectly. Do you know what a manuscript even is?

    • Ugh, no. Game of Thrones works really really well as a TV show, because they can focus on all the details, rather than cutting a bunch out. A season of a TV show a year is more content than a part of a movie a year. TV works better for adapting books, especially longer ones like ASOIAF. The books are still better than the TV show, of course, but a movie would be a poor adaptation.

    • It’s weird to say, but I consider the books and the TV show their own separate beasts. I read the books first, so those are probably dearer to my heart, but I still acknowledge that there’s a ton of meandering and an explosion of subplots that maybe wasn’t necessary (cough cough Feast for Crows cough). The TV show can streamline and prioritize, making sure the audience gets their fix of all characters and plots they care about. No geographic separation by book for HBO.

    • Boo! No way. Cameron’s eye wouldn’t fit this series at all IMO. He’s too Michael Bay-ish when it comes to cinematic aesthetics, and I can see him not cooperating well with GRRM, which is kind of what makes this show special.

    • I wouldn’t say that all film adaptations are destined to be abominations of the original source material. I really loved Roadside Picnic by Boris and Arkady Strugatsky and equally enjoyed Tarkovsky’s 1979 adaptation Stalker. While the book is intensely surreal and erratic the film did a nice job of making the written material accessible and presentable to a viewing audeince. The story wasn’t exact, but the overall ideas and concepts were there.

      Some stuff just isn’t well-translated from page to screen. I’m not caught up with the A Song of Ice and Fire books, but I have read the first two and I think that the show does an incredible job of bringing these characters to life. And while some characters are missing and others get more screen time it’s never detracted from the enjoyment I get from the show. They’re simply two different beasts. An entire crew from costumers to PAs work on the show (lending their varied interpretations and talents), while the books are wholly Martin’s vision.

      As for James Cameron working on it, I don’t think his style would translate well for the story.

  6. Kuykendalle

    I really have a love hate relationship with this show. They do really cool things and then they kill my favorite characters or do something just as equally horrible to them which pisses me off. WHY!?!??! But then they do something cool again only to again do terrible things to the characters i love. It’s an abusive seductress.

    • Well the point of the books, and for that matter the show, is that its a story about power, not about charachters. If you have favorite charachters, you will not be happy. Nonetheless, this season, the last half of A Storm of Swords, is a major turning point that will make you very happy for many characters, and happy for certain deaths. Beware of the purple

    • Danny Cox

      I know what you mean. I was devastated when Robb Stark and his mother were killed. But the more I watch the show i start to build up an immunity to attaching myself to any one character. As Phuong says, the show seems to be about how the more power one gets, the more corrupt or likely to die they will be.

  7. Antonia

    I love this show! It’s so good I couldn’t wait so I read the books. The only thing I wonder is how much of the books are going to be shown in season four.

  8. Jessica M Farrugia

    During the first three seasons I found Bran Stark’s storyline quite dull, so I’m desperately hoping that it’ll crank up a notch for season four! I’m also really excited to see how Arya and Sansa’s stories pan out, and whether Geoffrey will die a horribly painful death (here’s hoping)!

  9. I am torn when I watch this show. The plot is phenomenal. But I get attached to the characters, and they’re killed off. This is the same reason I stopped watching “The Walking Dead,” but “Game of Thrones” is too good to stop watching.

  10. This was a great little recap of all of the important things in this show that I need to look out for…and its a tad unsettling that the people who have read the books already know the answers to these questions. It is to my understanding that the show follows the plot of the books a little closely.

    But I wont ask because I don’t want spoilers 🙂

  11. Jamie Tracy

    I hate to admit it, but I am a total fan-boy when it comes to Game of Thrones. I cannot remember a show that has kept me captivated between seasons as GoT does. Walking Dead comes close but I have read all the comics so I have a sense of where things may head. I have not read the GoT novels and won’t until this series is over.

  12. I definitely feel like this season is where Arya truly gets a chance to shine. Her character is one of the most interesting left, and her arc has so much potential for dark and satisfying story telling. This pairing with the Hound could tempt her to the dark side.

  13. I started this series, but never quite got into it for some reason (fee free to call me crazy). Your piece about the upcoming season sparked my interest again – I’ll have to check it out. Thank you!

  14. I’m so happy to be in the dark, slow rolling through the books rather than reading ahead of where the show is. Can’t wait for season four – more Arya!

  15. I have so many friends who are obsessed with Game of Thrones!! I’ve read the first book and loved it, but I haven’t been able to get into the show. I feel like each season more and more people are becoming drawn to it. Maybe I should give it another try and see what all the hype is about.

  16. Can we get more direwolves this season?? I want to see Nymeria leading her pack of wolves

    • Ah yes! the direwolves! I want more of them loyal to the starks only to avenge the deaths of their masters. The Red Wedding gets me crying every time and I keep hoping the wolf to come in and munch on all the soldiers.

    • I doubt they’re going to show that much more of them in the show, seeing as they’ve already cut a huge amount of the relationships between the other Starks (i.e. not Bran) and their wolves, and we’ve seen/heard nothing of their wolf dreams. It’s a real shame, but presumably even HBO’s budget can’t handle that much CGI.

  17. On one hand, I really want to read the books; On the other hand, I kind of love the suspense and surprise of watching the series. I guess I’ll postpone reading them for a while…

  18. i want to see the lannisters removed from the throne especially that little psychopath joofreyyy why would they let him rule when he is obviously out of his mind.

  19. Great predictions! I also haven’t read the books because the series is so vivid and well acted that I prefer to get it that way. The only thing I’m wondering is, what about all the Lanisters!? There’s a wedding, Jamie’s return and possible romance, and Cerce who is always amazing, so what’s their next step! Still, I’m as psyched as you, and can’t wait for the new season!

  20. Stannis the Mannis

    “Will Daenerys Targaryen ever reach Westeros?”: oh, you sweet summer child, you’re about to be very disappointed.

  21. Great article Diana. A lot of your predictions and questions are what most of the fans are thinking! I cannot see a happy ending for Theon his actions and need to be accepted by his father (both his biological and eddard) have really cost him his life and future. What still hasn’t been revealed or even slightly given away is the role of Petyr Baelish. His own need for power is subtly been shown in the show but how he goes about is anyone’s guess! I am really hoping that he plays a bigger part in the next season.

  22. Love this show! Appreciate this article- it has pumped me up for the new season, I easily lose myself in each episode. I am Daenerys Targaryen!!!

  23. I completely love this show. Seriously. I adore it. And I thought all of these questions were great, although I would’ve liked to have seen more discussion on what some of the theories are that are circulating on the internet. There is one question that I think you missed. I’m sure everyone who watches the show is wondering when are they going to kill Joffrey? 😉

  24. Katelyn

    As a person who is reading the books with a decent trail behind the seasons, as to not be jaded by ‘spoilers’ embedded in the original novels, I love making predictions as much as the next. So, this article has me sensationally pumped for the looming season ahead.

  25. I love the show adaptation of this book series. This was the only way to do the books justice. If this had been done in a movie series I don’t think audiences could appreciate the espionage or the family dynamics that the show is able to convey.

  26. ShummyLess

    There’s really one singular thing I’m grateful for that the show improves upon over the books: How big Daenarys’ dragons are. I’m finishing the third book, and I have absolutely no idea how big they’re supposed to be.

  27. Brandon Stark

    I recently saw an early screening of the first episode for this upcoming season and can proudly say to fans with all these questions, you will not be disappointed.

    Questions will be answered and more questions will be created. For the sake of the post and for the fans I will not answer any spoilers. I just want the rest of the season to be here already.

  28. This was a very interesting article Diana! It is safe to say that these are the eager questions that all GoT fans have been asking and hopefully will get the answers for soon. It seems as though we are waiting for the good heroes to take action by seeking their revenge which is highlighted in your predictions. I hope to see the Starks (including Jon Snow) rise from defeat and prove their unique powers and skills in honor of their family. One significant prediction that was not mentioned was the fate of King Geoffrey and the Lannisters. I have not yet read the books so I am left with only my own instincts. I anticipate they will get their revenge but it will not be easy nor fast. This article has definitely got me excited for what comes next!

  29. These are all exciting and plausible questions, they also give me hope because my only question is whether this season will be able to live up to the last one. The events that unfolded in especially episode nine were so crazy that I wonder if the show will ever surpass that level of intensity and shock factor. I guess if anyone could find a way, it would be George. Can’t wait for the show to start this weekend!

  30. I, personally, cannot wait to see Daenerys reach Westeros. I have not read the books yet, so I’m not sure how everything plays out, but I hope that one day either she or Bran sits on the Iron Throne.

  31. Another burning question I have is how will the marriage of Tyrion Lannistar and Sansa Starke play out? Will Tyrion and his new bride band together to overthrow the King Geoffrey and the rest of the Lannisters? Will Tyrion somehow get aligned with Daenerys before she reaches Westeros? I have thought for a longtime that the Starks would somehow end up forming an alliance with her in order to push out the Lannisters, but now I’m wondering if Tyrion will throw his own family under the bus?

  32. My main question for the season is when the wedding of Joffrey and Margaery will happen. After seeing The Red Wedding happen in season 3, I wonder if Joffrey’s wedding will occur as it did in the book or if they will do something differently. Hopefully, Arya will continue traveling with The Hound as she becomes stronger during this season as she has a brother and mother to avenge. If the dragoons and Daenerys’ army grows larger than nothing will stand in her path.

  33. My main concern is if the remaining Stark children will get to be all together at least one more time. But with the way the show has progressed and the unexpected (if you haven’t read the book) pitfalls, it seems grimly unlikely. I do also wonder about Tyrion Lannister and whether or not his loyalties will shift away from name and family, towards the Starks who are now his family as well. After such a major loss in the previous season I can understand the yearning or hopeful reconciliation.

  34. I can’t wait for the White Walker army to make it past the wall.

  35. Sharika Fitzpatrick

    Winter is coming, and so am I.

  36. I find it interesting how, on a human level, I can’t stomach the scenes with Theon being tortured. I talk to my friends and they mention that they don’t pity him, because of what he did to Winterfell, but I find it nearly impossible to watch him have his genitals cut off and just remind myself “Oh but he destroyed Winterfell.”

  37. I’m actually going to try and answer these questions **SPOILER ALERTS**


    1. Can We Expect a Confrontation between Jon Snow and Ygritte?
    –Yes, I believe there will be. There has already been one and Snow has basically shown that he is loyal to the Watch and to the Starks, even though he is the bastard. Ygritte is part of the wildings and while she loves Snow, I think the fact that she is a wildling will eventually separate her feelings for Jon and a huge confrontation will occur.

    2. Will Daenerys Targaryen ever reach Westeros?
    –It’s inevitable, seeing as how Daenerys is practically everyone’s favorite feminist character (and since Mother and baby Rob are no longer with us). Martin, although justified in his actions for the Red Wedding, I don’t think he would give the public another horrific reaction by killing off a main character so beloved by many. Besides, she’s the mother of Dragons and those things grow larger with every episode they appear in.

    3. What Can We Expect For Arya and The Hound’s Journey?
    –The Hound is going to teach Arya how to be strong and kill, his act of redemption may come while saving Arya and sacrificing himself or Arya herself may even kill him (kind of like the Sith from Star Wars-the master teaches-the apprentice learns-apprentice kills master-takes on his own apprentice and the process repeats itself). I think while on this journey, Arya will begin to lose her sense of self and become someone with little to no morals.

    4. What Will Happen To Theon Greyjoy?
    –My guess here is that this is where most people are going to be upset, just like they were at the end of season one with Ned’s untimely exit (believe me, I wanted to see him in another season as well). I believe that Theon is going to somehow escape or one of his loyal followers or family members are going to find him and set him free and all the while he is going to learn nothing of what has transpired during his captivity.

    5. Will Bran Stark Be Able To Go Beyond The Wall?
    –Something is going to happen to Bran’s body, whether he is killed or healed from his paralytic state is yet to be known, but one thing is for sure-like Daenerys, Bran is a beloved character who is growing more mature (and more King-like, one might say) and the fact that he is paralyzed places him in a special position-his paralysis becomes both a means of sympathy from the audience and the characters and also a benefactor-like the author says, when Bran is in danger, help will come. I believe Bran is going to make it past the wall though.

  38. Max Lin

    Just watched the Season 4 premiere and want you to know that you can expect great things from Arya Stark.

  39. April Roach

    I thought the premiere of Season 4 was great, but that they may have tried to fit in as many stories from the characters of possible, meaning that we only saw five minutes with some of the major characters. After reading this I realised just how many stories there are! As packed full as the premier may have been we still didn’t see anything of Theon Greyjoy or Bran Stark!
    One of the great things about Game of Thrones has to be the great attention paid to minor characters and the sub plots.

  40. jeremymyers86

    I won’t make this too lengthy. At risk of sounding like a douche.(to which I will willfully become) Read the books if you’re interested to see what happens. I personally like both. But I am impatient. I read the first book right after season one ended and didn’t stop until I closed the last page of book 5. Good article though. It asked alot of important questions.

  41. I am sure someone already said this, but all these questions are already answered for the most part in the books.

  42. I love that there’s something in the show that even the books don’t address (yet) – the collection of White Walkers and the transformation of the baby. As much as I am a fan of fantasy in general, and Martin in specific, I am glad to see the show is being given a treatment designed for effective television while the books are good writing. So many people forget that the two media are very different, and you cannot expect carbon copies of one to another.

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