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The Comics Code Authority: How censorship has affected the history of American comics

How has the Comics Code Authority impacted the development of American comics? Despite the fact that this is no longer a concern in the industry, does the history of having that organization and the way it affected the medium still show in comics published today? Maybe a comparison with European comics would be helpful here.

  • It'd be great to see examples of current comics that would never fly under the rule of the Comic Code Authority. I'm sure there are ridiculous examples, just like how TV shows had many rules in the '50s like "No man and woman can be shown in the same bed." So they'd show the wife in bed under the covers and the man sitting on the side of the bed with both feet on the ground. It certainly impacts the storytelling, and the "work arounds" are quite fun to learn about also. – Nate OcĂ©an 3 months ago