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Stories of Creation

Analyze and compare the various stories of creation through various parts of the world. The stories examined will include Genesis, Aztec Mythology , Norse Mythology, Greek Mythology, Eastern Mythology, African Mythologies, et cetera. Specifically how are they similar? How do they differ? What sort of message do they impart?

  • This is a very interesting topic that would involve a lot of scholarly research! This could be an extensive article so perhaps picking three to four mythologies would allow the most room for detailed research and reflection. – Scharina 4 years ago
  • I agree that is might be good to narrow it a bit. For example, comparing the flood in Gilgamesh to Moses with the Great Flood of Gun-Yu. Instead of contrasting several of these religions, could one perhaps write it on the religious commonalities? – ruegrey 4 years ago
  • This does need narrowing, but I don't blame you for wanting to explore every possible religion and mythology. Perhaps exploring in subgroups might help? An example might be monotheistic creation stories vs. polytheistic, or Middle Eastern (Torah, Bible, Koran) vs. European or African? – Stephanie M. 4 years ago
  • Perhaps the focus could be created in one of the following ways: 1) focus on historical influence, e.g. how the Babylonian creation story influenced at least one of the Biblical creation stories; 2) thematic focus with a Nietzschean twist, e.g. how is creation achieved in creation stories, and for what purposes? Who benefits from the creative acts and who gets excluded? Whose agendas are asserted? "Cut bono?" Who benefits? 3) focus on narrative purpose: why do we tell creation stories? W hat purposes do we aim at in telling them when there are so many other kinds of stories we can tell? At what point in our story-telling cycles (sacred or not) do we reach for stories of creation? For instance, the Jewish people may have finalized their version of the creation story when they found their story in competition with the Babylonian version, and the Jewish people wanted to show their god was superior by showing their god cared more. 4) focus on relationship between creation "entities" and representatives of fate. I'm sure this will be a fun topic to delve into. – gitte 4 years ago

The Depiction Of Myth In Comics

From Mt. Olympus to the Daevas the subjects of myths and the focuses of spirituality have appeared in comics over the past few decades and now there are a wide variety of mythical beings throughout our comics. An article on this topic would talk about how myths and mythical beings have appeared in comic books and possibly even speculate about how they’ll be depicted in the future.

  • Is there any way you could make this topic slightly more specific? There are so many different types of mythology and spirituality, and it would be easier for the writer of this topic if you chose one specific type of mythology (say Greek mythology) and maybe even put out a couple of examples. I'm a big fan of this topic, I just think it could be specified a little bit more. – LilyaRider 7 years ago
  • I think a more specific way of approaching this might be to examine what are the prevalent preferred mythologies at the moment? All the classic mythologies tend to be cycled through popular culture at different times and in different places depending on the particular socio-cultural subtext currently in vogue. A very broad example of this is the rise of the undead in their various forms, a not unusual form of original mythos, plus the rise of the superhero and their deeds is reminiscent of Jason's trials. However, you could narrow down into particular aspects, for instance the increasing presence of transformational mythologies, or the reoccurring themes of the "great beneath beings" - the titans - that has been popping up. I do really like the idea of then having a discussion about what will come next. – SaraiMW 6 years ago
  • I recommend looking at Brian Azzarello's Wonder Woman New 52 Run. You could write this whole article about because there was so much greek mythology in it. – Sean Gadus 6 years ago