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Star Trek and Politics

Many episodes of each Star Trek series feature emergent political conflicts. What can the examination of these stories teach us about the principles of diplomacy relevant to our own political struggles? Take one or two episodes and relate them to active conflicts in the real world today.

  • Cool topic. I think the original Star Trek series, especially, touched on some very interesting political issues. One episode that comes to mind - off the top of my head, anyway - is "The Cage" ("Wrong thinking is punishable; right thinking will be rewarded"). – OBri 6 months ago

The Rise and Fall of the Prime Directive

Explain what the Prime Directive is and its history in ST. Examine how ST: TNG emphasized the guiding principle with Picard’s pontification on the subject using specific examples where the PD was central to the plot. Conclude with a discussion on how and why the PD has fallen to the wayside first under Rick Berman and now with J.J. Abrams and Justin Lin.


    Justin Lin: Up and Coming Director

    Explore Lin’s rise to direct ST: Beyond. Look at how he began as a director and examine what he will bring to the ST franchise. Address the topic of Justin Lin and Star Trek Beyond applied to the rest of the series and how that will effect them. Mention how Lin’s background in the Fast and Furious franchise will either be beneficial or harmful to what J.J. Abrams has done


      In what ways did the original Star Trek predict the future?

      There are many ways in which the original Star Trek predicted aspects about the future such as the communicators which mimic cell phones. I would like to find out from Trekkie purists how Gene Roddenberry got it right.

      • Something to consider is that Star Trek has done this as a whole, not just with the Original series. There were many devices in both Voyager and TNG that predict future technology, such as tablets, comm systems, AI computers, and holograms. Perhaps you could compare and contrast each series and their different technology predictions. – Megan Finsel 1 year ago
      • I would like to see an article on the original series since it was 50 years ago or around there as a sort of anniversary of the series when it started Sept. 8, 1966. A kind of homage to the ideas as well as technology that Roddenberry envisioned. One item that comes to mind is the international cast. It is so unusual to have that kink of diversity in terms of a TV series in that time. Referring to specific episodes would also be great when they encountered alien technology that was "ahead." – Munjeera 1 year ago
      • Did Star Trek predict the future or create the future? Are there any modern technologies (i.e., the flip cell phone) that just might have been influenced by Star Trek? – sophiacatherine 1 year ago
      • Finding out what Star Trek influenced in terms of tech would be interesting. I heard that NASA did get some ideas about space technology from Star Trek. – Munjeera 1 year ago

      The Influence of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on Television Storytelling

      Focus on the commitment to a long running story in syndicated television. This predates many shows since most that came before were generally episodic.