The Rise of YouTube

We can all admit that we have used YouTube for some reason in our lifetime. Whether it is use to post a video, or watch a video, YouTube has any video to suit our interest. It has also become a big part of individuals who post on their YouTube channel often. Youtube has become a starting point for YouTuber’s career. Not only has YouTube grown to be a huge website, but it has grown to becoming a starting ground for fame.

People can develop a job through YouTube because it has become a website that can unleash talent. It can help gain recognition to their expertise in certain areas: music, fashion, makeup and video games. YouTube has done just that for certain creators, and brought them success. But, some negative issues also happened to YouTube creators. Let’s first explore the history of YouTube and how it developed into the website it is today.

The History of YouTube: Where it all began

On Februrary, 2005, Youtube was formed by : Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. Its headquarters location is in San Bruno, California, and is owned by Google. Since then, YouTube has become the third most visited website after Google and Facebook.

Since 2005, YouTube has now garnered over 1 billion users. Also, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. You can watch videos in 61 languages and is available in 71 countries. YouTube has gotten to the point where people can start their careers from this website.

The first ever video uploaded to YouTube called, “Me at Zoo,”features co-founder Jawed Karim. It is a brief 19 seconds video of Karim discussing about elephants at the zoo.

Terms and Policies that hinder YouTuber’s

Of course there are policies and regulations to keep videos in order on YouTube. There are also some policies that can hinder a Youtuber when it comes to their revenue. Nintendo has a policy that impedes video gamers in the YouTube world.

Nintendo has a strict policy claim when it comes to any YouTube gamer who shows Nintendo content. For example, doing a “Let’s Play,” with Super Mario brothers. When a creator posts their video they are able to collect money from the advertisements. But any video you post in relation to any Nintendo games will remain viewable, but it will be flag. This happened to YouTube gamer, “Angry Joe,” with his video. The creator will no longer be able to collect any advertising revenue from that video. The money will go to Nintendo.

Nintendo recently released new guidelines that will make YouTuber’s a little more happier. Nintendo will allow YouTuber’s, 60 per cent of ad revenue for their Nintendo videos. The company will be more lenient and give 70 per cent to channels dedicated to Nintendo content.

Some Rising Stars


Justin Bieber also models for Calvin Klein
Justin Bieber also models for Calvin Klein

Justin Bieber

YouTube is not only a place to watch funny videos, but also a place to start your career. A popular singer, whom we may all know of, from Canada, became famous after posting his singing videos on YouTube. Justin Bieber was lucky enough to become noticed after posting these videos. Who knew that could happen? YouTube has made a gateway for people to get noticed and to make it big in the singing industry.

Tori Kelly

22 year-old Tori Kelly started her career off of YouTube. She hit it big after she posted an acoustic cover of the song, “Thinkin’ about you,” by Frank Ocean on YouTube. The video went viral and it currently has 23 million views. She recently performed at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, among other A-list celebrities.

Tori's new album is called: Unbreakable Smile
Tori’s new album is called: Unbreakable Smile

Kelly has been into music at a young age because both of her parents are from a music background. Kelly won the, “America’s Most Talented Kid,” in 2004. Also, she appeared on season 9 of American Idol when she was only 16 years old. Unfortunately, she did not make it to the live show. Kelly was first noticed after performing at Room 5, in Los Angeles. Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande’s manager signed her after seeing her perform. Kelly released her first album in June 2015, titled: “Unbreakable Smile.”

Beauty Gurus

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan with her brand of makeup, Em-Cosmetics.
Michelle Phan with her brand of makeup, Em-Cosmetics.

One of the first YouTube beauty guru’s, Michelle Phan has made a name for herself from YouTube. Starting out 7 years ago, Phan has attracted around 7 million subscribers to her channel. She became popular after posting makeup tutorials on: Lady Gaga, Sailor Moon, and Barbie.She has evolved into more than just a makeup artist on YouTube. In 2013, Phan announced her new makeup line, partnering with

L’Oreal, called “Em Cosmetics.” “Em” meaning “you” in Vietnamese- Phan wants women to tell their story through makeup. Now Phan has moved on to bigger things. Phan announced in 2014 that she wants to launch the next beauty influencer like herself. Phan created IPSY, which is a subscription that gives you products for you to try. So with the help of Ipsy studios, they will help the next beauty influencer. They will provide them with professional equipment, workshops and mentors.

Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota launches her new collection this month.
Bethany Mota launches her new clothing collection this month.

Another beauty guru who also enjoys making makeup, and “Do it Yourself” videos is Bethany Mota. Bethany Mota started out on YouTube, which now has 9 million subscribers. Mota started making videos at the age of 15 because of dealing with bullying at school. YouTube was a gateway for her to express herself and to distract herself from the bullying.

Mota hit it big after partnering with Aeropostale to create a clothing line for young girls in 2013. With the success of the clothing line, she later released two perfumes. She gained more fame, after becoming a contestant on ABC’S, “Dancing with the Stars.” Through YouTube, she gained recognition in the public eye and has even won two Teen Choice awards.

YouTube Gamers


YouTube gamer Felix Kjellberg, “PewDiePie,” is the most subscribed on YouTube. With almost 40 million subscribers, he is one of the first to do“Let’s Play,” videos. These videos show his reactions to videos games in a commentary box on screen. PewDiePie also does vlogs, and will soon release a 250- page illustrated book. His new game for iPhone and Android called, “PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist,” was just released in September.

"It's PewDieeePiee"
“It’s PewDieeePiee”

In a video PewDiePie posted called, “draw my life,” he describes his life and how he got to YouTube. PewDiePie was into art, and created most of his artwork on Photoshop. After displaying his artwork at an exhibition, he earned enough money to buy a new computer. He used his new computer to make gaming videos on YouTube. At one point in college, he quit and started selling hot dogs to make money.


VanossGaming's most popular videos are Grand Theft Auto
VanossGaming’s most popular videos are Grand Theft Auto

A Toronto native YouTuber is the second most subscribed YouTube gamer. VanossGaming, also known as Evan Young does his share of playing video games. He does it with some commentary while playing video games such as, Grand Theft Auto Five, and Call of Duty. With around 11 million subscribers, Young makes about 300,000 a month for his videos. Fong ended up dropping out of University after his channel blew up in his second year of being on YouTube.

Playing games on YouTube wasn’t Fong’s first ideal choice. Even though his channel was created in 2011, it wasn’t his main focus. His first choice was to play junior hockey and wanted a scholarship to play in the U.S. But that didn’t work out, so he went to school full-time until his YouTube videos got more viewing time.

Controversial YouTube Scandals

Sam and Nia

While many Youtuber’s become popular, once known, any mistake you make will become public. There have been many controversies dealing with YouTuber’s, there are two recent ones.

A sort of “YouTube Stars,” recently had their share of viral fame from YouTube. Sam and Nia, a vlogging YouTube family, went viral after posting a video of them lip –syncing to a song from the movie Frozen in their car. They went viral again after a video of Sam surprising Nia, by letting her know she was pregnant.


Three days later, they vlogged saying Nia had a miscarriage. Everything was fine until the Ashley Madison hacking incident came about. The names of people who had an account on the website were open to the public; Sam, being one of them with an account. A lot of people were upset with Sam, even after he posted a video apologizing and saying Nia forgave him. Many individuals started to wonder whether Nia’s miscarriage was true or made up to get views. This is because they tweeted, “Our tiny baby brought 10m views to her video & 100k new people into our lives. She turned our life around & brought us closer together.”

The issue got bigger when Sam approached another YouTuber at Vlogger fair. The result of this led Nia and Sam getting kicked out of the event. The family recently started vlogging again after almost a month break.

Zoe, “Zoella” Sugg’s, book controversy

Zoella's second book does not have a release date yet.
Zoella’s second book does not have a release date yet.

Zoella had her share of controversy after launching her debut book, Girl Online. Controversy stirred after her fans found out that she had a “ghostwriter.”

Zoella has a huge following on YouTube with around 9 million subscribers. You could consider her to be a beauty guru because she posts makeup tutorials and vlogs. Zoella decided to write her first fiction novel. The book sold 78,109 copies in its debut launch. People were upset because Zoella did not write the book by herself but had help from Siobhan Curham, a children’s author.

Zoella said yes she did have help, but the storyline and characters were all hers. Once the whole conflict was unfolding, she took to Twitter and tweeted: “Bare with me on vlogmas. I’m taking a few days out and off the Internet because it’s clouding up my brain. Thanks for understanding.”

Zoella continues to make YouTube videos and is now working on the second book to, Girl Online. She has made it clear to her fans that she will be completely writing it on her own and with an editor.

This is Not the End for YouTube

What started out as a website with one video uploaded to it has grown. It’s a website where you go to watch videos of your interest, and is a place where people can start their career. If you haven’t checked out any of these YouTuber’s out, go ahead and take a gander at them. You might find a new favourite.

YouTube is still rising. Just recently YouTube announced new shopping ads to their website called a, “digital storefront.” With this, whatever item you see on YouTube, you can buy it right there and then. The reason for this is because increases in people go to YouTube to find out what product they would like to buy. So this is not the end for YouTube.

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