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    Fanfictions - Delusions or Expressions of Admiration?

    Although fanfiction has had a bad reputation in the past (for being strange or ‘weird’), fanfiction allows fans to write stories involving their favourite characters and dwell into their psyche. This article can dwell on the popularity of fanfiction, and express the opinion on whether fanfiction is good or bad.

    • One function of fanfiction that gets overlooked often is that it allows young writers to develop their skills in a community where they can get a lot of feedback - especially with regards to character development. It's a really good way for writers to take an already existing character and write them in an entirely different story while still trying to keep everyone in character (Not everybody succeeds here of course, but it's a good learning exercise). – Grace Maich 2 years ago
    • While it's true that fanfiction can help young writers to develop, it can also lead to a hindrance of creativity. I never did engage in fanfiction communities myself, but several of my friends did and our characters are markedly different. It used to surprise me when I would find their original characters infused with traits, attitudes, actions, etc. of their fanfiction characters, many of which I knew from reading their fanfiction pieces and more often the original novel. I have often wondered if our characters are so radically different in design because my friends who spent large quantities of time with other writers' characters began to...call it absorb...the basic traits, gestures, tones, actions, and ways of thinking from characters they did not create while I (and some of our other creatives) have only my own powers of observation to draw upon as I watch the people I encounter in everyday life. Whether my notion is correct or not is anyone's guess, but it does beg thought. – jennewymore 2 years ago
    • I enjoy reading and writing fan fiction. That being said I often find it troubling when fan fiction delves into the territory of real people. The amount of fan fiction written for One Direction is frightening. These are real people with real personalities that don't become altered due to your wishful thinking. I know I would not want to read a fanfic about myself. It is those types of fan fictions that come across as delusional and slightly creepy.Writing fan fiction based on fictional works is an interesting way to to keep engaged in a fandom. It is also interesting to see how different people interpret different characters since there is no right or wrong way to interpret a fictional being. Certain fandoms have collaborative role playing in the fan fiction realm as well; It keeps people engaged in the fandom. I believe that is an expression of admiration. People are inspired by a world or a character that they want to invest time and energy in exploring that world or character further. I think that is a great compliment to the creators.There is a lot of badly written fan fiction, but there is also a lot of fan fiction that is written with care to the characters or world that they are exploring. Those fan fictions add to a fandom.– LexzieRulz 2 years ago
    • I think something this article could explore is the stereotypes that surround fanfiction. Some people are embarrassed to admit that they write fanfiction because they're afraid that people wil automatically assume that everything they write is like Fifty Shades of Grey. Another thing to consider is that some fanfictions have been successfully published as original work (with some modifications of course). Examples: Fifty Shades of Grey, The Sidhe, Cinder, etc. – VelvetRose 2 years ago
    • Take a look at all the different versions of Harry Potter fanfiction. There's so much! – JennyCardinal 2 months ago
    • For most, it seems to function as a way to explore already developed characters in new scenarios. It can help to be transferred into original fiction through the way that fan fiction writers have to consider what operations or actions live within the boundaries of the already functioning character. Of course some intentionally take the character outside of written or implied canon, but it acts as a way to structure actions around the believability within diameters already set. – talorelien 1 month ago
    Taken by talorelien (PM) 1 month ago.

    Sports Anime: How They Attract Non-Sports Fans to Watch it

    Nowadays, many sports animes have become popular: Free! , Haikyuu!! , Kuroko no Basuke, etc. It makes sense for fans who love these sports to watch these animes, but how do they attract non-sports fans to watch it? Is it the storyline, characters, themes, or something else that intrigues them? This article can focus on one anime in particular, or talk about sports anime in general.

    • DBZ-syndrome is a major drawing/detracting factor. I've been (shamefully) a huge fan of sports manga/anime since I was little, and the fact that these people who aren't Saiyans or heroes with superpowers that can perform these "moves" in real-life events has always been attractive. At the same time, it can be a big factor in turning off many who invest in these sports because it's completely unrealistic. I can't deny that I've tried to mimic Prince of Tennis moves in my own games though. Hey, those are cool. – Austin 2 years ago
    • I am a really big fan of Furudate-sensei, so that lead me reading Haikkyuu!! The above theory is nice, everyone wants to go super saiyan, but I have no interest in being a volleyball player. I am a big fan of Hajime no Ippo, but I really like boxing. So yeah, I know this note is unhelpful (lol). But I am stumped in the idea that I read Haikyuu!! when I can say that I don't know volleyball, or have an interest on it. I like Furudate's art though. I think I like the will to be relevant in sports and take it as a metaphor to the having ambition. – Jill 2 years ago
    • Adachi Mitsuru's Cross Game and its anime adaptation deserves consideration for this topic. It uses sports (here baseball) as a plot device that drives much of the story as well as a sort of thematic glue that unites the characters and their conflicts. In other words, is athletics the only thing that gives the anime depth or is it simply the setting in which the story is being told? – rj2n 2 years ago
    • I think there's a bit of a sports anime version of this "DBZ-syndrome" as well. If you look at Kuroko no Basuke, the abilities of the generation of miracles can lean towards the logic defying and superhuman, but I also think that contributes a bit towards the excitement of the anime (and let's not forget prince of tennis, a sports anime that could truly care less about physics). However, there are other anime like baby steps and haikyuu that don't rely on every other athlete having some crazy powerful ability, but do a very good job of explaining the sports mechanics, and using life off the court to draw viewers into the story. I think this spectrum of sports anime gives a bit more to offer when we're looking at what can attract viewers to the genre. – crpreble 2 years ago

    Harem Manga: The Good or the Bad

    What is the appeal of harem manga? In cases like Nisekoi, having too many female love interests hurts the story, as time is spent developing the love interests instead of moving the plot forward. As well, fan wars sprout on threads, because people argue which love interest suits the protagonist. Finally, is the ‘harem ending’ unavoidable or a cop out to make the fans happy? This article can use harem manga that do not work because of its genre, or focus on harem manga that are well-written because it utilizes the genre but stays unique in it’s own way.

    • Perhaps also mention the "gyaku-harem" (the reverse harem of one girl and too many male love interests), the contrasts, as well as the stresses and the headaches in having the relationship(s). – Quill 2 years ago
    • Maybe a discussion about the character at the center of the harem would be illuminating as well. It's usually an awkward, clueless, romantically/sexually inept boy and yet he has some of the most desirable women fawning all over him. That in itself is a sin of wish-fulfillment. – bookgirl7 2 years ago
    • I would say that the fan wars are part of what make manga popular. it can be incredibly fun to sit down with your friends and have a laughter filled conversation and debate over your favorite character. I think that controversy in harem animes and the lack of resolution actually makes the manga better. I do agree that too many characters detract from the plot however. – Jutor 1 year ago

    Memoir to Wes Craven

    On August 30 2015, Wes Craven passed away. He was known for slasher films, in particular, A Nightmare on Elm Street. This article will go in-depth about Wes Craven’s contribution to the horror genre, and be an informative article about this film director.

    • Minor note but "Nightmare of Elm street" should've been "A Nightmare on Elm Street," as far as the title of that film goes. In any case though, another film that needs to been mentioned in an article about Wes Craven is The Last House on the Left (1972) because that was his first film and it was followed by so much controversy over both its advertising (i.e. the tagline "it is only a movie, only a movie...") and its then controversial subject matter of graphic rape and revenge. – dsoumilas 2 years ago

    The Appeal of Slice of Life

    Slice of life is a genre that uses everyday situations as a form of entertainment. To some, slice of life can be considered boring, as the characters do mundane things such as: go to school, find part-time jobs, worry about careers, etc. However, this genre is a popular topic for mangakas to write about, so this article would discuss the appeal of slice of life, and why people watch or read it. Information can include: demographics, manga examples, and the formula for slice of life.

    • TV tropes is, as always, an excellent resource for this sort of discussion. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SliceOfLifeOne part of Slice of Life that TVT mentions is its escapist qualities. The essential notion here is that when building a slice of life world, it may not necessarily reflect real life.Many people seem to personally define Slice of Life as a genre of the ordinary. The environment might be mundane, but viewers are not engaged by material more boring than their own lives. The characters have to bring humor, or drama, or something to the table. The lives of the characters have to be interesting.The context of Slice of Life stories function as a restriction to writers. Therefore, writing the setting should not require much thought. The writer must focus on the characters, keeping in mind what qualities of the characters--their dynamic--makes the story interesting. – pigrocket 2 years ago

    How To: Viral Videos

    There are many websites trying to give tips and tricks on how to make a viral video, but is there really a formula? What are the first few ‘viral videos’ known on the Internet? What type of content goes viral, and what lengths do people take to make their video have ‘viral content’?

    • Mentioning White and Black Hat SEO techniques are probably worth adding to the discussion. – Jordan 2 years ago
    • One thing people might do is focus on YouTube, because it's the biggest video-sharing platform on the internet today. Viral videos could be found on eBaum's World, Newgrounds, and albinoblacksheep. It may also serve to make a distinction between viral and popular. Channels/users that regularly get a large amount of hits are hard to go viral since their footprint is always that big. On the same token, people should look at viral users such as Fred/Lucas Cruikshank, people that are one-man teams that took off at the beginning of YouTube. – John 2 years ago

    Women in Animation

    Explore the animation industry and the struggles women have to face to earn recognition. For example, in the movie, Brave, Brenda Chapman was taken off the project despite Brenda being Pixar’s first female director for the film. Is the animation industry slowly becoming more accepting of women taking on lead roles? Or is animation ‘just for the boys’ because of its technical skill?

    • animation of women does in fact give men the uplift but is also gives the characters more of an interest think about it if men in animations was to be your dream guy or a animated visual of what you like it would make you more indulged into it and etc. – TheOfficialLudd 2 years ago
    • Women in Animation has always been a popular topic. Well, women in any field is a popular topic, whether it's actual women or fictional characters. I don't know the answer to these questions, but I would certainly like to! Your inside topics could be: History of Animation, jobs for women in animation, possible concerns, why women shouldn't work in animation, why they should, a real life example (like Brenda Chapman), plus some more real life examples. All with your opinion. If you are going to have an opinion that women should be allowed or/and are accepted in the animation industry, then do it throughout your paper. However, if you are giving us history and something to think about, sticking to the facts would be interesting. Of course, whether you clearly state that this is an opinion piece or not, there is always a way for your opinions to slip through. – MRose 2 years ago

    Commercials: The Stranger The Better?

    It seems the most popular commercials are unique, unexpected, or strange. Old Spice caught the attention of viewers with their ‘I’m on a horse’ commercial, and the ‘squatty potty’ is now circling around the Internet. Although these commercials are great for marketing, is there a limit as how strange a commercial can be? When does a commercial go from ‘interesting’ to ‘freaky’? This topic can also compare North American commercials with Japanese ones, as Japanese commercials always invoke a reaction.

    • I think it would also be good to take a look as to why in marketing "any reaction is a good reaction" and how that crosses into other areas of the media. – Qiao ChengHua 2 years ago

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    I think the winter time is the perfect time to publish this – everyone wants to stay indoors and what better way to entertain yourself than with some anime? Great job!

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    Very insightful article about Japanese culture. In regards to culture, I am always interested about food and festivals in particular. Nice job!

    What the West Learned About Japanese Culture from Anime

    Right away, I think the CGP Grey appeals to me the most. Just because it has corgis.

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