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I aspire to work in film and television and enjoy writing on the subjects I love.

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I’m the same way, I can’t miss an episode of it.

5 Reasons Why 'Arrow' is the Best Superhero Show Ever

I haven’t really had any desire to see this show, mostly because I don’t have Showtime. I think shows like this are unfairly judge as some look at it as just a way to get nudity on television and people tend to disregard that there is actually a storyline.

Masters of Sex: The Division Between Fiction and Reality

Yeah, the show has its faults, but I think that the viewers, and fans of the show recognize it and don’t mind because no show is perfect and this show is fun to watch every week.

5 Reasons Why 'Arrow' is the Best Superhero Show Ever

While I enjoyed the episode, I do agree it wasn’t the best. I like that Roy didn’t come in and immediately become his sidekick, but now that he has the serum, they might want to speed up his transformation.

As for the bad guy, he was on the weaker side, but I think maybe they’re trying to put more focus on Blood for the next few episodes.

Thanks for reading and commenting by the way.

5 Reasons Why 'Arrow' is the Best Superhero Show Ever

I wasn’t a huge fan of the book, but I do feel better having read it. It really is a book that needs to be read.

6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Read The Picture of Dorian Gray

I just saw this movie and loved it. This review is just as good.

Drinking Buddies Review: Growin' Up

I’ve been interested in watching the Scandinavian version of The Killing. I like the acting in the American version, but I’ve never seen a remake better than the original, so I’m positive that this is epic.

5 Must-Watch Scandinavian TV Shows

That maniacal laugh was the most chilling thing that I’ve ever heard. It was a masterpiece. I’m glad to see it in a well deserved spot on this list. You had a tough job since almost every scene was amazing.

The 25 Best Moments of Acting on Breaking Bad