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    The use of Foreshadowing in AMC's Breaking Bad.

    Vince Gilligans brainchild Breaking Bad is a television series which is often mentioned within the conversation of the greatest television series of all time. This is attributed to Gilligan’s excellent storytelling abilities- particularly his use of foreshadowing throughout the series. An article discussing this narrative technique used within Breaking Bad including specific examples would be quite enthralling.


      The importance of violence in storytelling in Tokyo Ghoul

      Tokyo Ghoul is an anime which has managed to generate a cult following among anime fans having two successful seasons leaving audiences begging for more. Tokyo Ghoul has a rather unique subject matter concerning the nature of violence though it also can viewed as somewhat of an allegory of society itself with the interspecies war between humans and ghouls demonstrating the violence caused by segregation. More of an attribute to the anime’s success however, would be its stunningly unique cinematic. The anime itself has no shame depicting violence in its rawest form yet does so with meaning and not just for shock value. Each an every violent exchange builds upon the overall moral of the story and also contributes to the development of each character- a prime example of this would be the 2 episode torture sequence where the antagonist modelled after western horror icon ‘Jason Vorhees’, grotesquely disfigured the vulnerable half human, half ghoul protagonist Ken Kaneki. This display was one of the most demented yet disturbingly well thought out scenes which makes the horror franchise ‘SAW’ look like a romantic comedy. The scene masterfully depicted the psychology behind the antagonist and his worldview on how the weak are overrun based on their lack of ability. This display is a very sufficient argument as to why violence can sometimes be necessary within media as it is an excellent instrument in storytelling. How much more effective would this iconic scene have been without the gruesome visuals and bone grinding SFX?

      • Should ghoul be written with a capital G? Is it because it is the name of a race in this anime? – Ceroca 5 days ago

      Youtube- Why Demonitization is Downfall

      The platform of Youtube is perhaps at its most controversial stage in its development to date. Due to it being owned by Google and advertisements being a determiner of the conventional Youtubers income, there is a huge pressure on content creators to make their videos as uncontroversial as possible in order for them to receive such monetisation . This has resulted in watered down content, demonetisation of otherwise entertaining videos and even lawsuits such as the controversial ‘H3H3 productions’ debacle which was a battle which lasted over a year. Overall this topic would help shed some light on how artistic capacity is limited by censorship and demonetisation.

      • PSA Sitch did a really great video series about why Youtube ads are failing (he's usually political, but this one wasn't really, if that's a thing that would have irritated you) and why the advertisers are backing out. Highly recommended, way smarter and more complicated than I had imagined. It's called "Who's Really Attacking Youtube Ads and Why." – m-cubed 2 weeks ago

      The biblical allegory within Darren Aronofkys Mother

      Mother is a film which has received rather controversial critical reception for its gratuitous brutality and extremely intricate plot line. Perhaps what is overlooked however, is the overall premise of the film being a biblical allusion and social commentary- particularly in an environmental sense. An article going into the depth of this using examples of the film and Aronofskys directing will be quite engaging.

      • an interesting topic to look into! however, the director and the actors in the film have all come out saying that instead of being a biblical allegory, Mother! is an environmental horror film, with both the female lead and the house itself representing nature and "mother earth" – ees 2 weeks ago

      Rick and Morty and the success of spontaneous comedy

      Perhaps one of the most talked about and bingeable Netflix shows is Justin Roiland and Dan Harmons: "Rick and Morty". Drawing influence from ‘Back to the future’, combining it with philosophical pessimism and a convoluted plot line featuring parallel universe- the shows success is rooted from its spontaneous humour and erratic social commentary . This formula behind this creative process has been emulated by numerous shows to great success which would make an article about this trend exploring why such success is present, quite compelling.

      • Yes, I really like this notion, Bojack Horseman is another netfilx comedy within this genre – Iliasbakalla 2 weeks ago

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      I thoroughly agree with you in that the reputation of Season 1 and it being cited among the likes of heavyweights such as Breaking Bad and The Wire was perhaps a little too much pressure on the second season to deliver. I think Pizzolatto’s biggest flaw was that he tried too hard to emulate his first season as oppose to building a new legacy. Fukunaga was definitely one of the reasons behind the success of season 1 with his excellent ability to capture the Louisiana setting.

      In regards to a Rust spinoff, while it is a huge risk and could topple the legacy of the series itself, I think an exploration into his mysterious past could be just what the series needs to be revived. This must be a well calculated risk though which could jeopardise Pizzolatto’s reputation, especially with the negative reception of the second season.

      True Detective: The Road Ahead

      I do see where your coming from with this. I think a lot of season 1’s success stems from the fact that it was such a fresh concept. The supernatural allusions and overall dark personality of the series was what kept me hooked, not to mention the dialogue between Rust and Marty. Had the roles been reversed, and season 2 came first, I do think that it would have been met with better reception as it would be allowed to exist as its own entity, free from comparison.

      True Detective: The Road Ahead

      Yeah I think the supernatural elements present in the first season was a fundamental part of its magic. It made you want to keep watching to find out what exactly it all meant- especially Rust’s hallucinations.

      True Detective: The Road Ahead

      Though Ive always been a fan of darker adaptations of superheroes such as daredevil, arrow and the dark knight trilogy, I do see criticisms against it. Sometimes a show can be too gritty and not be taken as seriously as a result. An example of this would be the second season of ‘True detective’. The first was met with critical acclaim though season 2 came off as a caricature of itself, emphasising emotional brooding of characters too much without actually focusing on overall narrative quality. Arrow has somewhat gone down the same path with the constant rehashing of whether or not Oliver kills or not and how this determines his moral worth though, having seeing the latest season, it appears the show is taking an unexplored and exciting direction.

      Superhero Live Action Shows: Conventions and Evolution

      Judging by my love for death note, one punch man and what Ive heard from others about ‘monster’, death parade seems pretty interesting. The plot itself is enough to drag me in.

      Death Parade: Humanity in Yuzuru Tachikawa's Anime

      Breaking bad had so many easter eggs and foreshadowing, probably why its one of my favourite shows to rewatch. You never know what you missed.

      Objects in Breaking Bad: If Things Could Talk

      Lusts death was so well though thought out made mustang my favourite character till pride was introduced, so badass

      Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: The Symbolic and Ironic Deaths of the Homunculi

      Yu-gi-oh, pokemon and DBZ both the shows and games were/are amazing

      The anime gold rush in the early 21st century